Almost a third of website traffic now comes from mobile devices, which is up a striking 73 percent from last year, according to a new report from Walker Sands. The Walker Sands Quarterly Mobile Traffic Report revealed that 29 percent of web traffic came from mobile devices in the second quarter of 2013.

The majority of these mobile visits are coming from iPhones and Android devices. The report revealed that 43% of mobile website traffic comes from iPhones, up 12 percent from Q2 2012, and 40 percent of this traffic is coming from Android devices, down from 2 percent in Q2 2012. iPads generated 15 percent of this traffic, a 5 percent decline over the comparable quarter last year. BlackBerry generated 1 percent of these mobile visits, down a percentage point from last year.

“Despite Android’s wider selection of smartphones and range of price points, Apple remains the device of choice for the majority of consumers browsing online,” stated Daniel Laloggia, digital marketing manager at Walker Sands. ”However, the major takeaway for businesses is consumers are increasingly using mobile as a primary browsing device, so it’s important to make your site easy and accessible from any size screen or device.”