5 Reasons FourSquare Posted 3,400% Growth Last Year

Okay, double-digit growth is usually something to celebrate … but quadruple-digit growth? That’s pretty impressive. So, it’s hardly surprising that FourSquare is thumping its chest a bit on its corporate blog. After all, the young company’s 3,400 percent growth in 2010 justifies a bit of bravado.

So, how did FourSquare pull this off? Let’s take a look at five factors that drove the company’s meteoric ascent:

1. More check-ins than Americans: of course, FourSquare is a global social media application (I picked up a few mayorships when I was in London last week, for example); there have even been check-ins from North Korea! Nonetheless, 381,576,305 check-ins in 2010 is pretty impressive. There was even one from outer space!

[blackbirdpie url="http://twitter.com/tjohansmeyer/status/28354360270397440"]

2. Movies get people out of the house: and when people leave the house, they get ready to check in … if they use FourSquare, that is. Twilight Saga, Harry Potter and Inception were all good for some extra action on FourSquare.

3. Brand loyalty spills into location: MTV, Bravo, History Channel, Zagat and VH1 were the most popular brands on FourSquare last year. With tens of thousands of followers behind each, it’s safe to assume that they helped stimulate a bit of activity in 2010.

4. The urge not to be fat: California led the United States in gym check-ins, so burning calories contributed to FourSquare’s amazing growth in popularity last year. Illinois, Minnesota, New York and Washington followed in gym check-in rates, indicating that the desire to drop the spare tire helped this startup along.

5. Wendy helped – well several of her did: 224 people named “Wendy” checked in at Wendy’s last year. Of course, there can only be one mayor of Wendy’s, though. What does her name happen to be? Take a wild guess.

Click here to see the entire infographic on FourSquare’s blog >>

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