Mad Libs began as a game to play at cocktail parties in the 1950s, but most people remember them as books they read as kids. Now Penguin Young Readers Group has released an Adult Mad Libs app for Apple devices, bringing the game back for adults.

The new mobile app makes use of your smartphone or tablet camera for some digital fun. The free app will have six $1.99 titles for purchase: Log on to Mad Libs, Party Girl Mad Libs, Countdown to Midnight Mad Libs, My Bleeping Family Mad Libs, Pigskin Party Mad Libs and Baby On Board Mad Libs.

Here are some stats from the release: “The series has sold over 120 million copies to date and over 335 million people have played Mad Libs. Adult Mad Libs will be available both in the app and in printed books nationwide. The Adult Mad Libs app follows the recent success of the original Mad Libs app, which has had over 4 million downloads to date.”