Amazon US Titles Slip Into Kindle UK Store

With Amazon’s Kindle store up and running in the UK, publishers are growing concerned about eBook territory rights.

Last week, the Bookseller blog discovered that they could purchase 10 US Kindle titles in the Kindle UK store, and since then The Publishers Association UK has gotten involved.

The Bookseller has more: “Richard Mollet, PA chief executive, told The Bookseller it was important to emphasise the need to make territorial rights secure online. The Bookseller reported last week that it was able to crack Amazon’s controls and buy 10 US Kindle editions of titles from the UK. Mollet said: ‘Online retailers should not ignore the territorial rights of publishers and this should be reflected throughout their websites. Their mechanisms to respect territoriality should be scrutinised and, where appropriate, strengthened to give publishers and authors piece of mind.’”

As online channels take down the divide between borders and people travel internationally with their Kindles, this raises a fairly interesting question about rights management. Perhaps publishers should be looking to expand on the digital rights they ask for when acquiring a title from an author or agent. And maybe Amazon should be looking for the right from publishers to sell in all English language territories for eBooks they are selling online. It would help eliminate these kinds of concerns. What do you think?

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