For music fans, it makes a lot of sense to call short form content a “single.” Record companies have been releasing singles since phonographs were invented back in the late 1800s.

But calling a book a single –as Amazon announced today– is a relatively new concept. However, Amazon wasn’t the first to have the idea to release short works of fiction as singles. Author Jim Hanas has been doing this since 2006. In an interview published on eBookNewser last month, Hanas explained this format to us.

“So in 2006, I packaged two stories together and started distributing them as an eBook,” said Hanas in the interview. “I called it Single — and designed the cover to look like a record — because I collected a ton of indie-rock 7-inches when I was a music writer in the ’90s. I saw it as this ‘fiction single’ I was slinging out of the back of my virtual tour bus.”

Have you heard of any other authors using the term “single” to release shorts?