Amobee Media Systems is crowing that mobile operator Orange has run the first in-SMS advertising trial in Switzerland using Amobee’s mobile ad-serving platform.

During the nine-week trial, customers who opted in were offered a discount on their bill in exchange for accepting advertising in the text SMS they received. The ads were inserted at the bottom of the message, using whatever remained of the 160 characters allowable in an SMS.

Although the companies didn’t release any specifics, they did say that the test results measured during the trial “are very positive in terms of acceptance rate, service delivery, click rates, number of inventories and the impact on brand recognition.”

Amobee also said that tech giants Motorola and Cisco joined in its latest funding round. Additionally, the company got itself a new president and COO, Gary Schofield, who most recently served as president of networks at mobile game publisher Digital Chocolate.