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Andrea Mitchell’s MySpace Following Is Like a Lifetime Movie

Mitchell_1.28.jpgOkay. I worked with her over the years at NBC/MSNBC, so to learn that Andrea Mitchell is on MySpace is a little disconcerting.

This was revealed in a great read in the New York Observer. The story is all about how Andrea has become a gay icon, which is also news to me. John Koblin and Zachary Woolfe troll Mitchell’s MySpace page for comments left by FOAWAGs (friends of Andrea who are gay).

“I like her,” says Rick. “She’s the Golden Girls rolled into one: the body of Sophia, the sassiness of Dorothy and probably a sex kitten like Blanche, and most likely from the Midwest, like Rose.”

Except she’s from New York.

Anyway. It turns out the page was set up as part of NBC’s Decision 2008 coverage. Many NBC personalities have them: Brian Williams, Chris Matthews, and Mika Brzezinksi among them.

But the Mitchell Luddites are something to behold. Including some who have no idea who she is. Like 28-year-old Wence Woolridge of Dallas: “I actually saw her profile on another gay guy’s MySpace and I saw her picture and I was just drawn to it. I can’t say why, but I just instantly added her.”

As for all the attention, Mitchell tells WebNewser, “I’m honored — I love and appreciate all of my viewers, the more the merrier!”

And this people is how old media is getting in touch with the new media generation. Say what you want, but the networks will take the Wence Woolridges of the world any way they can get them.

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