Android Phone & Tablet with 3D Photo Recording & Viewing Available Soon

I believe that 2011 will be a breakthrough year for mobile 3D photo and video. My own modest expectations centered around 3D cameras and the upcoming Nintendo 3DS which can also record 3D photos. Mobile hardware manufacturers, however, appear to be exceeding my expectation by a longshot.

Engadget, for example reported that the Android-powerd LG Optimus 3D phone includes both a 3D camera (dual lens) and glasses-free viewing.

LG confirms Optimus 3D for MWC 2011: glasses-free screen and 3D camera

GigaOm reported that the Android-powered T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet also includes 3D recording and playback capability. The G-Slate’s 3D viewing, however, apparently requires some kind of special glasses.

T-Mobile’s G-Slate Tablet Is a 3-D Recorder/Player

There will probably be issues related to 3D photo and video file formats. But, these types of issues will be sorted out over time. The important thing is that 3D mobile recording for the masses is hitting the ground running in 2011. You’ll be able to follow our coverage of mobile 3D in the:

ThinkMobile 3D Topic Category

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