Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit : Top Stories Of Summer

With all of the new tablets coming out this fall touting their fancy eReading abilities, one wonders if we’ll see more ridiculous lawsuits against them since they are not just like books.

Apple is facing a class action lawsuit in California that came on earlier this summer, from consumers who feels that Apple’s claim that “reading on the iPad is just like reading a book,” is false. It was filed in July claiming that because the iPad overheats after prolonged use and its poor visibility in sunlight prevent it from living up to Apple’s marketing promise.

Welcome to our Top Stories of Summer 2010 series. For all our readers returning from summer homes and Caribbean yacht trips, we’ve created a short list of the 15 stories you may have missed during this long busy summer for the eBook industry.

Here is more about the Apple lawsuit from the complaint: “Indeed, according to the website, ‘[r]eading on iPad is just like reading a book.’ However, contrary to this promise, using the iPad is not ‘just like reading a book’ at all since books do not close when the reader is enjoying them in the sunlight or in other normal environmental environments. This promise, like other portions of APPLE’s marketing material for the iPad, is false.”

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