Apps Updated for my iPhone & iPad in the Past Week: 96!

Ninety-six of the apps for my iPad &/or iPhone were updated in the past week. Apps that do not have comments in the list below indicates that the update is simply a bug fix release or an Apple iOS 4.x compatibility update with, perhaps, some bug fixes. Apps with an asterisk (*) preceding the app name indicates an app on my iPad.

As you might guess, many of the updates are related to iOS 5 compatibility.

1Password Pro 3.6

* 360 Panorama 4.0.5 Commenting enabled

AccuWeather for iPhone 5.0 iCloud, Notification Center support. Calendar integration. Social sharing. See weather conditions for selected contacts.

* AccuWeather Free for iPad 1.9 iCloud support.

Al Jazeera English Live 1.3.2

Aftermath 1.5.0

Amazon Windowshop 1.4.1

AP News 1.4

ArcGIS 2.0.2 2.2

Audible 1.7.1 Link to Audible Mobile Store removed to comply with Apple guidelines.

AutoStitch Panorama 4.01 In-app camera. Source photos tracked for later use. Geolocation now included. 1.6.6

BBC News 1.7.2

* 2.4.3

Can’t Wait 1.1.11

Clock Pro HD Free 2.1

* CNN App for iPad 1.2.0

Civil War America’s Epic Struggle 2.0

The Daily 1.2.0 Auto-download daily issue in background (iOS 5 only)

Darkroom 3.5.7

Dragon Dictation 2.0.13

* Dropbox 1.4.4 Note: iOS 3.x users are advised by Dropbox NOT to update to this version

Echofon for Twitter 5.0

Eye-Fi 2.0.69

* Facebook 4.0.2 iPad support.

Fanhatten for iPad 1.1.5 AirPlay mirroring support.

Find My iPhone 1.3 Find a Mac (iCloud required)

Flickr 1.4.2

Flipboard 1.5.2 Normal, large and extra large fonts available. Twitter single sign-on (iOS 5).

Flixlab 1.1.0

Friendly for Facebook 3.5.3

Glee Karaoke 2.2.4

GLMPS 1.5.1

* GoodReader for iPad 3.9.0 iCloud support

GRE Vocab Genius 2.20111010

i.TV 3.4

* iBooks 1.3.2

* IMDb Movies & TV 2.3 Share on Facebook. Native Twitter sharing. AirPlay mirror mode.

* iMovie 1.2.2

* Inspire Pro 1.2 Export paintings to Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram 2.0.2

Intellivocab for Improving Vocabulary 1.5

Intellivocab for SAT 1.9

iTalk Recorder 4.2.1

iThoughtsHD 2.5

JELL-O Jiggle-It 1.1

Keynote 1.5 Store and sync presentations in iCloud. AirPlay support.

Lane Splitter 2.1.2

Layar 5.0.4

Legendary Wars HD 1.6

Light, Camera, Capture! 2.0.1

Localscope 1.8

Looptastic Producer 3.8.3

MadPad 1.1.0 Twitter single sign-on. Download sets from Twitter.

* MadPad HD 1.1.0 Twitter single sign-on. Download sets from Twitter.

MetalStorm: Wingman 4.0.0 Campaigns.

Modern Conflict HD 1.2.1

Moviefone 1.2.1

Movies by Flixster 4.82

MSN Onit iPad 1.1

NASA App 1.41

* News360 for iPad 2.2 Google+ support

* Numbers 1.5 Sync spreadsheets in iCloud and sync across iOS devices.

* Pages 1.5 Sync documents in iCloud and sync across iOS devices.

* Penultimate 3.2 Move, copy, cut, paste ink.

* PhatPad 1.5

* Photogene for iPad 3.2 Post photos to Twitter. Red-eye auto-detection.

Pogoplug 4.3

Posterous 3.0.3

Prezi Viewer 2.5

Pulse News for iPad 2.5 Pulse Sync: Sync sources across devices.

Quickoffice Connect 3.4.0

Rdio 1.2.4

Remote 2.2

Seafood Watch 3.0.9

Seesmic 1.4.1

Shazam 4.7.3

Showyou 2.1 Twitter single-sign-on

* SketchBook for iPad 2.1 Required for use with iOS 5. iCloud support. Export to Twitter.

SkyGrid 2.3 iCloud, iMessage, Notification Center support. Photo grid available.

SplashID Safe for iPad 6.0.6

Spotify 0.4.20 See friends’ playlists.

StumbleUpon! 2.01

* Trade Nations 3.4.2 iCloud syncing between devices.

Trover 1.2.5

* Twitter 3.5.0 Upload photos to Twitter. See nearby tweets.

Viber 2.1.1

Waze GPS Search Yelp, Foursquare and Bing.

The Weather Channel 4.1.1

Weddar 1.5

Windows Live Messenger 1.2.2

WIRED Magazine 3.5 Newsstand support

WSJ Live 1.0.1

Yahoo! Messenger 2.2.1

* Zite Personalized Magazine 1.2

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