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Asus Slate Running Windows 7 More Expensive Than Any Android Tablet or iPad: Old PC Laptop Hunter Ads May Haunt Microsoft

The idea of using a tablet based on Windows 7 is such a bad idea that I’ve ranted about it here several time. I say this, by the way, as someone who like Windows 7 on conventional computers and who owns a convertible netbook/slate runnning Windows 7. The sad fact is that Windows 7 has a poor finger touch interface and nearly all Windows applications are NOT designed for a touch (or even stylus) interface. Windows 7 and tablets are simply not a good fit. Once you get beyond the user interface issues, there are also the hardware realities. Windows 7 is smaller and faster than Windows Vista. But, it is still relatively huge and takes a long time to boot on 2009 model netbooks. Tablets need to be fast and instant on. Windows 7 on a tablet is neither in my experience. After all this ranting, I missed one of the most obvious negatives that emerges from running Windows 7 on a suitably (not too slow) tablet: The tablet will be expensive. This was just conjecture up to now. But, Businessinsider provides some hard numbers from Asus. Matt Rosoff noted the announced retail prices for three Asus Android-based tablets and Asus’ single Windows 7 tablet and reported:

See If You Can Spot The Problem With Microsoft’s Tablet Strategy

The problem? Asus’ three tablets are priced at either $399 or $499. The Windows 7 based tablet? $999! Twice the cost of the most expensive Android tablet. In fact, at $999, Asus Windows 7 based tablet (Eee Slate) costs more than the most expensive iPad 3G model at $829. This is ironic since several years ago Microsoft had a bunch of TV ads touting Window notebook’s lower price compared to Apple’s line (PC Laptop Hunters). Remember this ad?

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