AT&T Subsidized Netbooks vs. Notebook ($100 vs. $850): Why?


AT&T Wireless has a bunch of subsidied netbooks and one sub-notebook available at…

AT&T Mini Laptops

The selection includes a 9″ Acer Aspire One, Dell Mini 9″ and 12″ models, an LG 10″ model and the Lenovo X200 3.7 pound sub-notebook with a 12.1″ screen.

The netbooks range in price from $99.99 (Acer) to $349.99 (Dell 12″). Those are decent starting prices but not great prices especially considering that none of them include a 6-cell battery. You really want a 6-cell battery for a netbook you will be using with a 3G while on the move all day. But, what’s with the Lenovo X200 price and configuration? Its starting price is $849.99. That price does not include a webcam (minor for some people I suppose). But, it too only has a 4-cell battery. And, its specs only provide 1GB RAM and a 160GB hard drive. You might as well get buy a 13-inch white MacBook for $999 and get 2GB RAM, iSight webcam and a decent battery.

BTW, it is bad enough being locked into a plan with a smartphone. Does anyone really want to be locked into a plan with a netbook given that netbooks refresh and progress in mere months?

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