When it comes to support from developers, Windows Phone has long been one of the less popular platforms. That trend looks like it might be about to change. Amazon has just released a new app for Audible, their audiobook subsidiary. WP users can now buy and download from a catalog of over 100 thousand audiobooks.

“Our customers love the convenience of having their Audible content accessible on any device they choose,” said Ajay Arora, Vice President of Mobile Applications at Audible, Inc. “Now, with the launch of our new Windows Phone app, the complete Audible experience can be enjoyed by millions of devoted Windows Phone customers, all of whom will now be able to find and listen to their books anytime and anywhere.”

The new app will of course sync with a user’s existing Audible account, thus expanding the usefulness and reach of Amazon’s empire. It supports all the major features found in the other apps, including sharing, bookmarks, reading stats, and the ability to play in the background.