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8 Statements From #OWS Movement in 140 Characters or Less


The #Occupy movement may have been ousted from parks, universities and churchyards, but it’s certainly taking up its share of digital space.

All over the wireless airwaves, citizens are testing out their political voices on social mediums. We’ve gathered eight of the best tweet-sized statements from #OWS.

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1: This tweet plays on the popular quote “Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening, and love like you’ve never been hurt before,” only this time, we have an #OWS slant, which raises concerns over health insurance, freedom of speech and the legality of (gay?) marriage throughout the United States:


2. I love this sign because it captures how #OWS transitioned from being about a few people gathering in New York City to a worldwide movement: “Occupy All Streets” reads the rewrite, a sure sign (pun intended) of the movement’s trajectory

3. Anyone who quotes Goethe on a protest sign is guaranteed to land a spot in my top ten list. Goethe was known for writing in fragments, not unlike tweets. The  demonstrator in this picture obviously sees relevance in Goethe nearly 180 years after his death:

4. This tweet evidences that the #Occupy protestors understand that their fight will not easily be won, but they believe in what they’re fighting for.

5. Aside from being visually stunning, this protest sign plays on the famous line from the Watchmen, “THE END IS NIGH.” Instead, here we have “The beginning is near,” with a raging bull on his way  down. The bull could represent a few things— capitalism, American bankers, a bullshit economic system—to name a few, and the statement, “the beginning is near” hints at a new dawn that could be born out of the #OWS movement.

6. I love this tweet because it’s simple, direct, and it emphasizes the three most important sentiments from #OWS: conversation, community and children:

7. This young man made the cover of The Economist: 8. A little love to those who bring humour into the picture:


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How Yellow Pages is Leveraging Social to Stay Relevant

yellow pages

I grew up in the nineties, the dawn of digital culture.

For me—and for many others born in the late eighties and early nineties— the Yellow Pages brand was irrelevant; I never understand why people would spend ten minutes leafing though a thick and cumbersome book with flimsy pages to find a restaurant or plumber when the same answers were easily searchable online.

But those born only a few years earlier than me remember a time when the Yellow Pages was more than just a useful doorstop or oversized paperweight, when the brand was an iconic symbol for finding information, not unlike the Google brand of today.

As we move into an increasingly digital world, brands like the Yellow Pages face extinction, since the services they provided have been optimized by internet search engines.

In an effort to remain relevant, the Yellow Pages has moved online, extending their platform to mobile applications and social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

“Find, review, and share business listings on Facebook” invites the new Yellow Pages Facebook application.

The app, which can be installed for free on your Facebook browser, allows you to search for people and companies, just like the Yellow Pages book. Users can search by business name, keyword, or location, and the program is integrated with Google maps. Users can also read and write customer reviews and bookmark searches for reference later.

The Yellow Pages App is also compatible with the iPhone, the iPad, Blackberry, Android, and the Windows Phone 7, making it easier for people to access local information without having to lug around that thick yellow book.

@Amanda Cosco is a freelance writer, content queen & social media girl genius. To learn more about her, visit her professional blog here.