Bilal Hameed

Smozzy Gives Free Web-Access Via Texting On Android Phones


Smozzy, new Android app launched with the help of T-Mobile’s unlimited messaging plan, helps users surf the web for free. Smozzy intelligently encapsulates the communication between the browser and the web as SMS and MMS, thereby enabling users who do not have unlimited data plans to use their Android devices to surf around. The app is currently in beta, and has been tested only on Nexus S and HTC G2 devices.

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Zynga Heeds the Call for Action with Adventure World Game

adventure world_200

Zynga, the social gaming giant, has released details of its new social game Adventure World, expected to be launched in the next few weeks. The title is an Indiana Jones style strategy game in which players are required to discover historical artifacts to make virtual gold and experience points. If Adventure World turns out to be a success, Zynga may be in a much better position for its upcoming IPO, which remains stalled due to whirling a stock market.

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Differences Between An Average iPhone And Android User [Infographic]


People are often judged by their cars, jobs and houses, but can someone be judged by the mobile phone that he/she keeps? According to an Infographic published by Hunch, users possessing a specific smartphone (Android or iPhone) tend to possess certain traits. The Infographic also provides statistics on the ongoing battle between iOS and Android devices.

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