Frank McPherson

Apple Has Siri, Android Has Cluzee


As an Android user, I have managed to not have iPhone envy, at least not until Apple announced the iPhone 4S with Siri. Ever since I first heard about Siri I found it desirable, and I was very disappointed when Apple bought the company, sealing its fate of only ever being available for the iPhone. Still, while I think Siri is very nice, it’s not enough to make me switch to the iPhone, therefore I have been on the hunt for an equivalent for Android.
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It’s About The Google Experience


In a piece titled “How Amazon Is Making A Sucker Out Of Google” writer Mike Elgan suggests that Amazon is taking advantage of Google’s open policy towards Android and in the process could be destroying the Android ecosystem. Google provides Android for free as open source, which allows developers like Amazon to take Google’s work and make it their own. Giving something like Android away seems silly, but I think Google believes users will ultimately find the “Google Experience” more appealing.
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360 Panorama Comes To Android


I’ve been using Pano to take panoramic photos on my Nexus S running Android, and while it does a pretty good job of creating panoramic photos by stitching multiple pictures together, it does require some work to align the photos properly. In August Todd wrote about 360 Panorama, which makes creating panoramic photos as easy as recording video with your phone. Previously only available for the iPhone, 360 Panorama is now also available for Android phones for $.99.
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Disable Facebook Sharing In The Spotify iPhone And Android Apps


Over the weekend concerns about Facebook oversharing was the topic of posts on Google+ and on blogs. The concern is over Facebook’s new “frictionless sharing” with apps that automatically share information to the service. An example is Spotify, which will post the names of the songs that you are listening to on your Facebook newsfeed so your friends know what music you are listening to.
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