Kenna McHugh

Kenna McHugh writes about the ever-changing social media industry. She loves discovering new technology that helps the business and culture. Writing for one of the first screenwriting websites, Screenwriting Utopia led her to her first published book, Breaking into Film. Some of her past clients have been Consumers Electronics Daily News, Lucent Technology, AVID, McCann Communications, LivingStrong and MGM Grand Hotel.

Groupon Faces Investigation by U.K. Office of Fair Trading


Groupon, one of the largest Internet daily-deal sites, is under investigation by Britain’s competition regulator. The regulator is inspecting the possibility of unfair promotions and exaggerated savings.

No surprise here because the U.K. Office of Fair Trading started looking into Groupon’s British unit last July. The investigation recently expanded due to the fact that the office received a complaint from the country’s advertising watchdog — breaking advertising regulations almost 50 times in less than a year.

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LinkedIn Goes Latino Opens Office in Brazil


It appears LinkedIn is ready to expand rapidly in Latin American and has selected Osvaldo Barbosa de Oliveira to head the LinkedIn Brazil operations. He will focus on a campaign to lead an increase of awareness and adoption of LinkedIn in the Latino country, with efforts aimed at user engagement, general operations, strategic partnerships, sales and marketing.

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New Little Printer Prints Receipt-sized Daily Newspaper


A bold new product is arriving from BERG that plans to redesign personalized publishing, by printing news from Facebook, Foursquare and The Guardian.

The Little Printer is an ideal social media interface edited by you. According to CEO Matt Webb, the new product lives up to its name. It is a palm-sized, cube-shaped, thermal printer with an adorable pair of feet and a cute face that delivers personalized mini-newspaper.

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