Lauren Dugan

Lauren is the former editor of AllTwitter and continues to contribute regularly. Follow Lauren on Twitter at @lauren_dugan.

7 Ways To Strengthen Your Personal Brand, For Recent Grads And Job Hunters


If you don’t pay attention to your social profiles from your hazy school days, you run the risk of a poorly worded status update or inappropriate photo sabotaging your efforts at finding a new job. Employers are looking, so what do your social profiles say about you? What’s your personal brand like? For those that might need a little social media re-branding, we’ve got 7 ways to strengthen your personal brand and (virtually) dress to impress.

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Know Your Audience: 7 Ways To Learn More About Your Community


Who are you connected to on social media? If you can’t answer this question, you’ve got some pretty serious research ahead of you! Businesses need to understand their audience – everything from their demographics to their purchases to their online behavior – if they want their message to resonate with the right community. And although it will take a bit of time to get to know your audience, it doesn’t necessarily have to be hard: we’ve compiled 7 tools and tactics for you to use to get to know your audience.

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The CEO of Spil Games Talks Localization, Monetization and the Future of Gaming [Interview]


Spil Games, creators of casual and social games for all ages, is one of the top 60 most-visited web properties in the world. We had the opportunity to talk with Peter Driessen, the CEO of Spil Games, about what makes his games social, how localization tailors the gaming experience to the user, and what he sees as the most influential factor in the future of casual online gaming.

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Monopoly Millionaires Now Available on Facebook

Monopoly Millionaires Logo

Family board game night has officially been upgraded: Monopoly is now available free-to-play on Facebook. Called Monopoly Millionaires, this classic board game has seen a facelift for the Facebook generation, with leaderboards, points for visiting other players’ boards, and customization – all flagship features of the most addictive of social games.

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Set Goals, Get Fit with Healthy Social Network: Q&A with Fitango VP of Business Development


One of the newest social networks on the block, Fitango wants to help you achieve your fitness and life goals. Working with experts, you can set action plans, mini-goals, and get motivated to reach your potential. We had the chance to sit down with Parinda Muley, VP of Business Development at Fitango, to discuss Fitango’s growth, its social elements, and why creating Action Plans helps people achieve their goals.

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Top 10 Twitter New Years Resolutions for 2011


Picture-217[1]New Years Eve is the time for promises to go to the gym that fizzle out in three weeks, renewed commitments to diets that are given up by Valentine’s Day, and predictions about the end of the world that (sadly) are never realized. And Twitter is no stranger to these varied predictions and resolutions that roll around with every new year.

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