Mary C. Long

Mary is co-editor for All Twitter and a contributing writer for Social Times. Find her on Twitter @MaryCLong

Those Fake Twitter Followers May NOT Be Fake


Did you get caught up in the Fakers page where you can check to see if someone’s Twitter followers are real or not?

Well, we hope you didn’t get too cocky about it, because the tool may not be as accurate as you think. But don’t take our word for it, check out what Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo revealed at last night’s OpenCoSF kickoff event.

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Help #FWP Sufferers Shut The Full Cup


If you checked #FirstWorldProblems tweets on Twitter in the past day or so, you may have seen the video of Haitian kids (who have MUCH larger problems to worry about) reading these First World Problems tweets. If not, you can find out about it here.

The video is a (somewhat misguided) effort by an organization called WaterisLife to raise awareness of real problems and encourage folks to contribute to its cause.

And there’s also another video circulating that mocks #FWP sufferers in a way that we think you’ll enjoy. You’ll find it after the jump.

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Social Discovery Platform, Mirror, Only Connects You With Verified Users


If you’re new to an area or just looking to expand your personal or professional circles, how do you do it? Sure, you could try connecting through traditional networks or maybe (if your focus is purely personal) a dating service. But there aren’t any options out there that cover both areas affectively – or at least there weren’t.

Mirror is a social discovery platform that allows people to connect in a more meaningful way for dating, social or professional purposes. And it’s not more of the same ‘ol – the folks at Mirror have approached this from a new angle. You’ll want to check this out.

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What’s Your Dream Job? PivotPlanet Puts You In Touch With Folks Living It

Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 5.56.41 AM

Are you like many folks considering (whether voluntarily or not) a career change? Or are you a student just entering the job market? Or maybe you’re nearing retirement and itching to try something drastically different? One thing may be holding you back in each of these scenarios: fear of the unknown.

Well, PivotPlanet just launched today and it’s about to disrupt your career search – in a fantastically awesome way.

It’s a global “expertise exchange” that connects you with accomplished professionals in your desired area through one-on-one vide and phone sessions – and many also offer in-person mentorships!

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Find Craft Beer Through Crowdsourced “Taplister”


Ever in the mood to visit a local pub for your favorite beer, but you don’t know if they carry your favorite beer?

“Taplister lets craft beer drinkers find beer on tap near them through the beer search on and the Taplister app for iPhone,” offering real-time crowdsourced tap lists and beer menus nationwide.

So if you love beer, you’ll love this site!

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Help Stop Online Bullying This Month


Were you bullied as a child? Even if you weren’t, you’ve likely seen someone being bullied at some point.

Can you imagine how much worse it would be if you could never escape it? “Online” gets kids at their homes as well. And it spreads the bully’s taunts rapidly among social circles, making like for the bullied child just unimaginably difficult. Seriously – ask a cyber-bullied kid.

This month, we should all be taking a stand against it and actively participating in National Bullying Prevention Month. Will you join us?

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