Mary C. Long

Mary C. Long is Chief Ghost at Digital Media Ghost where she ghostwrites and helps clients win online using digital strategies you’ve yet to consider. She has particular expertise in advising law firms and schools on social sabotage and how to avoid it. You’ll find her all over the web, starting here:

A New Reason For Parents To Worry: Whisper


If you want to anonymously share a secret, you could mail it to PostSecret. You would be practically untraceable — nobody would know where you were from, and other than a postmark and your handwriting, nobody would have any data on you (or use that data for advertising).

But if you want to add some danger and immediacy into the mix, there’s an app you can use instead: Whisper.

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Is Your Website In Need Of A ‘Tweak’?

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.15.57 AM

Say you’re the Queen (or King) of Social Media. You’ve got your Facebook page all set up, with posts scheduled for the next two weeks (yeah, you’re that organized). You’re the Tweetmaster General, wrangling lengthy phrases into 140-character bombs of wit. Your Instagram is a kaleidoscope land of visual teases. And your Vines are shared across the universe by all of your adoring fans.
But when all of your loyal followers, subscribers, customers click the link directing them to your website, they arrive to find a website that it’s kind of… meh.

Yeah, you need to fix that.

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Smart Marketers ‘Go Gaga’ On Twitter To Increase Following

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Communication researchers at the University of Missouri have been listening to plenty of Lady Gaga recently— but we’re not talking about her music here (well, maybe). It’s her Twitter presence they’re REALLY interested in, as well as the discourse she has with her fans on the platform.

And guess what? You might not be a Goddess of Love, but you CAN likely increase your following by ‘going Gaga’ on Twitter.

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Content Curation The Way It’s Meant To Be: Pluggio

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Content curation’s a pain in the butt, right? It always takes longer than you think it will. It’s one of those dangerous jobs that enables you to procrastinate, because you can make yourself believe you’re actually doing something productive as you click around and read the latest online dramas. Most of us can’t quite justify paying someone to do it for us though, so what’s a “social” person to do?

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