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Peek: The Calendar App for Minimalists

Peek-screenahotPhone3The sleek new iOS calendar app Peek released this week wants to be the everyman’s calendar. Peek pulls existing iPhone events into its calendar, which is marked by its minimalist interface. Users can simply tap and hold on a day to add an appointment.

The minimalism is intentional. It is designed to reduce the clutter of other calendar apps and to give users a quick look at upcoming appointments with the bonus of fun design features such as a shaking the phone to elicit a reminder.

The San Francisco-based Square Mountains, creators of Peek, are adamant that the iPhone app is not for “power users,” but rather an everyday, simple calendar for the casual user. Read more

Get Ready to Order In From Foursquare

Foursquare Seamless 1Foursquare is giving users a new reason to never leave its app: delivery service. The popular social check-in app teamed up with GrubHub Seamless, the recently merged online food delivery company, to let Foursquare users place a delivery order directly from the app.

Simply search the app for the grub you’re in the mood for and then scroll down through the restaurant’s listing to look for that red Seamless icon or the GrubHub icon. Not every restaurant has a partnership with the delivery service, of course, so Foursquare recommends searching for both “delivery” and a type of food. Read more

Customization Key in Evernote iOS Updates


EvernoteEvernote, the popular note-taking super app, rolled out new features for iPhone and iPad users Thursday that will let fans customize the app in new ways.

Now users can hide sections they’re not using, while keeping those that they do front and center on the home screen. Simply go to settings and scroll through sections to add and delete your favorites. The New Note buttons were redesigned on the home screen, too, to stand out more. Users can also now select from among three color schemes: light, dark or green.

Evernote also said it “stomped” out many bugs in the latest release, improved sync function, made the app faster and improved business card scanning. Read more

‘Inside’ App Cuts News Down to 300-Character Bites

Inside.comBrevity, speed and top-quality curation are what the founders of hope will be the winning selling points of the latest news aggregation app. The app’s curators will deliver 1,000 stories a day, chopped neatly into 300-character news bites.

The stories are really quick summaries of another outlet’s reporting. Users can click through to the full story, or simply scroll through the hundreds of summaries, scanning the top headlines. The summaries often use abbreviations and other grammatical shortcuts to keep within the 300-character parameters, making for maybe not the prettiest prose but it gets the job done.

The breaking news app, which launched this week, was founded by Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis who snagged Gabriel Snyder (formerly of The Wire, Gawker and Newsweek) as content chief. They described the new app as “sort of like Pandora for news,” in a blog post announcing its launch where they promised to do the “best curation in the world.”

We take our responsibility for selecting stories and sources extremely seriously, and we hope you challenge us and let us know how we are doing often.

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3 Throwback Paper Football Apps for Super Bowl Week

Nook _ Paper FootballNew York City is in full-blown Super Bowl mode with the big event happening this Sunday just across the Hudson at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. About a dozen blocks along Broadway are blocked to traffic beginning Wednesday for a “Super Bowl Boulevard” that features NFL stars, music and even a Times Square toboggan run. Hotels and cabs are full, and New Yorkers are wishing they had remembered to flee for somewhere warmer (and less crowded!).

We were not a big football family growing up, but on Super Bowl Sunday, I do remember one game that always preceded kickoff among my siblings: the paper football toss. We used a matchbook to flick over the TV room’s coffee table, but it’s the same idea. And now, of course, there are apps for this. So here are three paper football toss apps to bring back those memories and help complete your Super Bowl 2014 week. Read more

InLight Is the Mobile Version of Women’s Glossies

InLight AppThere’s yet another news reading app on the market, but this one is focused on women. The free InLight iOS app delivers news in four categories: me time, we time (relationships), nourish (health & beauty) and splurge (entertainment & lifestyle).

The app is pretty and the subject matter light-hearted and geared toward self-improvement (no politics here, folks). In other words, InLight, is the mobile version of a women’s glossy magazine. Articles explain how to find the best eye cream, compliment your man and raise kids. Celebrity news is sprinkled in, too. Read more

This Alarm Clock App Will Warn You If It Snows

Excited about the possibility of fresh powder for skiing or boarding? Or, dreading the extra time snowfall will add to your commute? Well, Helly Hansen, makers of winter sportswear, have released an alarm clock app that will wake you up earlier if it has snowed the night before.

Users provide their location upon entering the First Tracks app. After confirming the right location, you’re prompted to set a “powder alarm,” to alert you to any fresh snow powder in your area, as well as default alarm that will go off at your normal wake-up time if snow fails to fall. The app defaults to setting the two alarms an hour apart, but the user can change these to whatever she likes.

The app is meant for those excited about snowfall but given the way snow can wreak havoc on the morning commute, child care arrangements and schools, this app could come in handy for non-snow-bunnies, too.

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Microsoft Releases Beta Bing Travel App

Bing Travel App BetaA new Bing mobile app will aim to offer Microsoft Phone users a one-stop hub for all their travel needs. The Bing Travel app, modeled on the web-based app already available for Windows 8.1 users, lets users book flights, check a flight status, and sort through hotel listings.

The app, which launched in beta, offers global “destination guides,” photos and day trip suggestions. You can also read through travel reviews, and a “nearby” feature uses your location to search for local restaurants and other attractions that might interest you.

The free Bing Travel joins Microsoft’s stable of Bing apps, including Finance, News, Sports, Translator and Weather.

Relive ‘Alice in Wonderland’ on Lewis Carroll’s birthday

alice in nycThe author of one of the most celebrated children’s books of all time, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, would have celebrated his 182nd birthday Monday. Born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, Jan. 27, 1832, the mathematician wrote Alice, its sequel Through the Looking-Glass, several other books and poems under the pseudonym of Lewis Carroll.

These magical and fantastical books and their author have been quoted the world over (Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle); reportedly inspired multiple Beatles’ songs, and of course, plenty of films (some that adhere to the original script, others that do not). Among apps, the creative license is also at work with modern interpretations of Carroll’s work seeming to grow in their fantastical elements each year. I have to believe, though, he might not have minded so much.

Here are three apps to take a look at on this author’s birthday: Read more

Team USA Debuts App for Winter Olympics

As the Winter Olympics get ready to kick off in Sochi, Russia, Feb. 7, the U.S. team has a new app out to guide fans through all the intricacies of the snow sports (Skelton? Nordic Combined?) and the 2014 team.

The “2014 Team USA Road to Sochi” app offers bios for the American Olympic and Paralympic athletes, including their past Olympic experience, career highlights, video and photo galleries and any recent news. Users can also scroll through the winter sports to learn more about the rules, history and this year’s team.Olympics Team USA App Read more