Todd Ogasawara

Apps That Won a Place on the Home Page of my iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone & Android


I’ve written about thousands of apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone here. If you ever wondered which of these third party apps (not part of the mobile platform) actually made their way to the start window for each of my devices, wonder no more. I usually leave the default apps in-position on their respective home pages “just because.” This list does not indicate how “important” an app is. It says more about how frequently they are accessed on a daily basis.
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Revisiting Using a QR Code & SlideShare to Share Presentations on Smartphones


I provided a tip here in August that drew a fair bit of attention and commentary. The tip provided a solution to a problem I had to solve myself: How do I share a slide presentation with an audience when a projector is not available? My solution was to upload the slides to SlideShare’s free web sharing service and use a Google QR code to let the audience quickly find and see the presentation. So, how did all this work out?
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Path 2 for Android & iPhone Automates Journaling Your Life


Journal or diary writing was once a private and somewhat laborious task. Blogging changed the nature of the activity from a private one to a public one and made the process of word smithing faster. Micro-blogging services like Tumblr and Twitter simplified the process further by either limiting the character count or encouraging sharing found content instead of creating new content. Path, Inc.’s app (also named Path) takes this shift away from manual content creation to an automatic process of indicating where you go, what you see and what music you listen to.
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“Save to foursquare” Button Sends Place & Location Info From the Web to Your Phone


Part of the trick to managing an enormous amount of information is getting the data moved from screen to screen (from notebook to phone or tablet and vice versa). If you see a “Save to foursquare” button, you can now save information about the place to your Foursquare account. If the Foursquare Radar option is turned on, your phone will buzz to let you know you are near something you though was interesting enough to use the “Save to” button.
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Microsoft Office Heading to the iPad?


The Daily provides an unverified report that Microsoft is planning to develop a version of its Office business app for the iPad. Microsoft Office is, of course, not a single application. It is a collection of office components that includes various combinations of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote and other software.
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