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"Accidental Billionaires" Author Ben Mezrich Reveals "Sex on the Moon" [Video]

Ben Mezrich Speaking at DOMAINfest about Sex on the Moon Ben Mezrich, author of the “Accidental Billionaires”, spoke publicly about “Sex on the Moon”, his next book, for the first time at DOMAINfest. Ben’s “Accidental Billionaires” book is the basis of the movie “The Social Network”, a movie about Facebook which is up for 8 Oscars this year. “Sex on the Moon” is about another genius college student who stole the most valuable object in the world from NASA, a story which NASA kept under wraps.

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Does Intel's New App Store Pose Any Threat To Apple or Google?

Intel is launching its own app store to compete with Apple and Android. Intel powered devices will start shipping with Intel’s app store pre-installed on them in early 2011. Intel’s approach to apps is innovative. Consumer electronics retailers and manufacturers will both get a big cut of Intel’s app store revenue. Further, Intel app stores are white label – so consumers will see “Best Buy App Store – Powered by Intel AppUp”. Intel could be biggest trend in app markets in 2011.

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Flash Is Dead! Long Live Flash! (Apple vs. Adobe on the iPad)

Apple changed its mind and will now allow Flash apps on iPads, iPhones and iPods. This comes soon after web designers declared Flash doomed and reverses Apple’s App Store banning of Flash-based Apps and refusal to support Flash on the iPad tablet. Pundits were expecting a creative exodus away from Flash to HTML5, but now Apple has given Flash a new lease on life. The drama left me wondering “What’s going on?”, “Is this Important?” and “What is Flash, anyway?”. My findings after the jump.

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Twitter SEO Tips From The Experts

Twitter SEO Icon

Twitter SEO Icon“Its a myth that Twitter links are nofollow”search guru Danny Sullivan told me at his conference, SMX West. Danny warns readers not to be fooled because links in tweets are marked “nofollow” on Twitter.com – Twitter should be part of your SEO strategy. I later confirmed Twitter’s SEO value with Google’s findability guru Maile Ohye and other SEO experts.   This means you should give people an option to “Tweet This!” on your pages. And remember, tweets now appear directly in Google’s social search and real time search results!
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What Is The Opposite Of Social Media?

StartPage-Proxy-LogoIs anonymous search and surfing the opposite of social media?

Our social media experiences require us to participate as a known members of online communities. Facebook, MySpace et al collect personal data while you communicate with friends, share photos and personalize your profile. Sure, most people are happy with the tradeoff of exchanging their privacy for the joy of social media.
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Is LinkedIn the Latest Victim of the Social Network Attacks?

LinkedIn Logo
Is LinkedIn the latest social network victim to be attacked with a DDoS attack?
LinkedIn was unavailable 5+ hours Saturday, only two days after a rash of social network attacks disrupted services globally. I can’t remember LinkedIn being down for anywhere near 5 hours before. Twitter, Facebook and Google all reported Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks (DDoS) last week. Have the hackers moved on to LinkedIn as their next target? Is this political, the continuation of anti-social media trend started by Twitter and Facebook’s shutdown in China?
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Amazon, CloudMQ Create "Social Data Cloud"

CloudMQ Logo

I was shocked to hear a Social Data Cloud (SDC) is in full operation, created by Freedom OSS using Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology. CloudMQ is making social data available “in the cloud“, and all the major social networks are participating in the exchange.

Social Data Cloud (SDC)

Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn all publish data about changes occurring on their social graphs via CloudMQ. FriendFeed and other aggregators then subscribe to this data. Social networks can even subscribe to each others’ data. CloudMQ is the first Social Data Cloud (SDC), and is the beginning of a trend in which all social graph information will be made available real time, on a granular level “in the cloud”.

The emergence of this Social Data Cloud (SDC) raises important questions about user privacy, social network collaboration and future industry business models.

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