The 25 Most Scandalous Banned Super Bowl Commercials

Yes, the Super Bowl is the most exciting football game of the year. But it’s no secret that a lot of viewers aren’t watching for the football – they’re watching for the commercials! Super Bowl commercials are among the funniest, craziest and sexiest commercials of the year, but oftentimes some of the funniest and sexiest commercials are banned before they even make it to the Super Bowl. Deemed “too hot for TV”, here are 25 of the most deliciously scandalous and hilarious banned Super Bowl commercials in history. Prepare to be shocked. Note: Many of these ads may be NSFW.

Ashley Madison Rejected Superbowl Spot

A new Ashley Madison Commercial is among the first to be rejected from the Super Bowl this year. is a controversial dating site for married people, which advertises that, “Life is short. Have an affair.” As if the site itself wasn’t enough the commercial is all sorts of scandalous from justifying cheating and even making it look fun to hinting at sex, bestiality and nudity. US Superbowl Commercial

Ashley Madison isn’t a stranger to being banned from the Super Bowl. Here’s their scandalous rejected spot from 2009.

PETA ‘Veggie Love’

And speaking of scandalous, check out PETA’s banned 2009 Super Bowl ad, ‘Veggie Love’. This commercial asserts that “Studies show vegetarians have better sex.” But did they mean better sex with humans…or veggies? NBC rejected this ad for a number of reasons including “touching her breast with her hand while eating broccoli”, “licking eggplant”, and “rubbing asparagus on breast.”

Bud Light Skinny Dipping

This Bud Light banned Super Bowl commercial from 2007 has the most views of any banned Super Bowl ad on YouTube, at over 12.6 million views. It features a girl and a guy getting a big surprise when they decide to go skinny-dipping in a pool.

Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial Too Racy For TV

Bud Light has been infamous for their banned Super Bowl commercials. This is my favorite. Apology-Bot 3000 will apologize for you, offering up a frosty cold Bud Light to smooth over any problem. The problem with this commercial? I guess the subject matter was a little too racy. The networks didn’t want to promote sharing your personal sex tapes with the world.

Apology-Bot 3000 Returns

Apology-Bot 3000 is back, and this time he’s apologizing to a bunch of restaurant gifts from the chef, who has accidentally served them poisonous blowfish. This commercial was also too controversial for TV.

Banned Bud Light 2006 Super Bowl Commercial

Bud Light just keeps ‘em coming. This is one commercial that I totally get why it was banned. But it’s still funny. Ouch.

Funny Bud Light Beer Commercial – Good Dog

In 2006 this Bud Light ‘Good Dog’ ad was banned from the Super Bowl. I get it; it’s not nice to train dogs to bite people. But I’m still considering teaching my dog the “Bud Light” command.

Bud Light Clothing Drive

I don’t know if this was banned for showing too much skin or because of the guy who sticks the pen in his underwear. Whatever the case, I still thought it was totally hilarious. Would you strip for Bud Light?

Bud Light 3D Test Commercial HD

Okay, this isn’t an official banned commercial, but it is hilarious so I thought It would be fitting in this list. And rest assured, if Bud Light created a real 3D commercial it would definitely be banned for the reasons exhibited in this ad.

Bud Light “Cut The Cheese”

And here’s our last banned commercial from Bud Light. How many fart and poop jokes can you squeeze into a one minute spot? Hilarious.


Bud Light isn’t the only company that was banned for toilet humor. This Super Bowl commercial was banned for flatulence too. Tee hee hee. You don’t have to be 13 years old to find this stuff funny.

2007 GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial – I Own You

And now we’ve made it to the GoDaddy portion of our list. has been infamous for rejected and banned Super Bowl commercials. This ad was rejected for inappropriate sexual innuendos. “Too late! I already did my mother.”

Candice Michelle’s 2009 UNCUT GO DADDY COMMERCIAL

GoDaddy is known for going over the edge in the sexy department with their commercials. Do you think this ad is too sexy for TV?

Banned Go Daddy Super Bowl 2010 Commercial Lola

If some commercials are banned for being too hot, this commercial was enhanced for being flaming.

GoDaddy Sexy Commercial – “Exposure”

Even though Danica Patrick doesn’t expose her beaver in this commercial it was still banned for the explicit meaning behind the words, and the beavers.

GoDaddy Sexy Commercial – Broadcast Hearing

And here’s another GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial. This one plays off of the Janet Jackson accidental exposure snafu. The ad did air during the Super Bowl, but many networks decided to remove it from rotation, saying it was too inappropriate.

Man Crunch Super Bowl Football Commercial

This 2010 Super Bowl commercial for, a dating site for men, was banned for being less than macho. Apparently the networks aren’t down with guy-on-guy action.

Snickers – Kiss

And once again, guy-on-guy action proves not to be manly enough for the Super Bowl.

KGB’s Rejected Super Bowl Ad

Apparently having your head stuck up your ass was a little too scandalous for the networks. This hilarious ad was banned from the Super Bowl last year.

Airbourne – Mickey Rooney’s Banned Ad

And this ad was banned for too much skin being shown. More specifically, the skin on Andy Rooney’s arse.


Rolling Rock The Funniest (Banned) Super Bowl Commercial Ever!!

In this commercial hundreds of guys get hit in the nuts with a single baseball. But the real kicker is the very ending.

Doritos Banned Crash The Super Bowl 2011 “Make Them Yours”

Doritos’ Crash The Super Bowl contest is a neat contest that lets contestants compete to create their own Doritos ad to be featured on air during the Super Bowl. This 2-part commercial was banned for inappropriate content. Whoops!

Doritos Feed Your Flock

The above banned Doritos commercial has got nothing on ‘Feed Your Flock’. This entry offended Catholics and was removed from YouTube and from the Crash the Super Bowl contest. Check out the video below, as well as an interview with the creators about the controversy surrounding their ad.

Dove Pro-Age Campaign

And finally, this Dove Pro-Age campaign was banned because it showed too much skin. Personally I think the ad is beautiful. There’d be no problem with showing it in Europe. Do you have a favorite banned Super Bowl commercial? Let us know which ones you like best in the comments!

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