twitterlogo2323.jpgAll the major eReader companies have Twitter feeds and we’ve created a new directory so you can follow them all. from Aluratek all the way to Sony Reader, we’ll be tracking trends, deals, and news on these feeds.

In terms of readership, Amazon Kindle leads the pack with nearly 10,000 followers. Kobo has 7,000 followers and Nook has more than 2,600 followers. Apple doesn’t have an iPad feed, so we’ll never know how many Twitter users read on that device.

Our Twitter directory follows below. Add your favorites in the comments section, we’ll update as new suggestions arrive. We’ve also created the Best eBook News on Twitter directory. Check out all our Twitter directories here.

Aluratek: From eBook readers to media players and everything in between, Aluratek is truly leading the digital revolution!

Amazon Kindle: Welcome to the official Amazon Kindle Twitter page! Kindle is Amazon’s revolutionary wireless reading device that lets you download books in 60 seconds.

BeBook: We’re the company behind the BeBook eReader.

enTourage Systems: The enTourage eDGe is the first dualbook, merging an e-reader with an LCD screen to read e-books, take notes, surf the Web, watch movies and listen to music.

Kobo: eReading: anytime. anyplace.

Nook: The official feed for Barnes & Noble’s NOOK, the world’s most advanced eReader.

Sony Reader: Stay up-to-date on Reader Store new releases and book/author discussions. Learn about our special offers and new store features.