Bravo, the network behind popular series like the “Real Housewives” and “Top Chef,” is drumming up some Twitter TV ratings with the launch of a new rewards program. Using the hashtag @TheBravoholic, viewers can win 140 characters of fame for talking about Bravo shows on Twitter.

If you are one of the show’s weekly winners, you could win the following prizes:

  • Control of the @TheBravoholic twitter account for one week.
  • Andy Cohen will answer your question live on “What What Happens Live”
  • Your tweet could appear on a “Real Housewives Social Edition” episode.
  • @BravoTV will follow your personal Twitter account and give you a shout-out.
  • Bravo will congratulate you on air during one primetime series.
  • You’ll be entered into the “Bravoholic Hall of Fame” feature on
  • You’ll get a Bravo prize pack worth $50.

To enter, use official TV show hashtags such as #WWHL or tag @BravoTV in your tweets. The winners will be selected based on equal parts originality, creativity, engagement, and how well they capture the essence of Bravo’s voice, tone and programming.