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ABC’s ‘Selfie’ Comedy Starring Karen Gillan Loosely Based on ‘My Fair Lady’

Get ready  for the first mobile-inspired sitcom: Selfie. As we’ve mentioned before, the comedy from ABC is set to air this fall, and as you’d expect, there are a lot of hashtags, mobiles, and gendered stereotyping. Of course, the show highlights a girl who spends too much time indulging in fake, digital friends on social media – but why is her hero a man with marketing skills for unmarketable things?
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Your Phone’s Accelerometer Can Identify You by Your Tilting Habits

tilting habitsYour phone has been paying attention to your tilting habits, and it can now identify you based on your tilt, your angle, and the way you wave your mobile. Thanks to tilt-sensor technology and an impeccable memory, smartphones can give up your tilt “fingerprint” that can identify and track you as you move.

The findings come from Romit Roy Choudhury, associate professor at University of Illinois and colleagues at the University of South Carolina. According to Choudhury, “There has been a lot of work to catch the leakage of ID information from phones. We are now saying that accelerometer data going out of the phone can be treated as an ID.” Read more

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Square Reinvents Digital Receipts With Simplified, Real Customer Feedback

feedbackPaper receipts are a nuisance, and digital ones are nearly just as annoying to filter once they hit your inbox. Square understands this – that’s why they want to change the way merchants and customers exchange receipts.

First off, there’s a slight bit of a hassle, but if you need to keep tabs on all of your receipts, it’s the easiest, most simple modelwe’ve sen to date. This week, Square created the new Feedback App for businesses. 

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EU Court Rules in Favor of ‘Rights to be Forgotten’ in Google Search Engines

google appThe internet has a better memory than most, and if you’ve ever tried to erase anything online, you’ll soon find that it’s next to impossible. That’s why the ruling from the high court of the European Union will prove significant – it basically lays out the rights of users to have irrelevant, damaging data removed from search engines.

The 2010 case originated from Mario Costeja González, who filed a complaint against Google for references and links to outdated newspaper stories from 1998 when González had his home repossessed.

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‘Monster Wartune’ Joins the Top Free Android Apps List This Week

Facebook is still dominating the Google Play Store with a permanent home at the #1 position as the most popular free app, but there’s a new game in the top ten list: Monster Wartune.

Monster Wartune is a world where monsters battle against one another. Collect hundreds of monsters and form your dream team through evolution, breeding, and synthesis. You can also team up with other players to duel other players, challenge bosses, and save the world! 

Below, we’ve listed the top free Android apps of the week and two video demos of Cut the Rope and LED flashlight. The list links to Google Play’s research about the individual apps, including user reviews.

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Google Glass is Now Available for Anyone With $1500 to Spend

Google Glass, the smart Android eyewear with a camera and an internet connection, is now available to the general public. Unfortunately, this availability change does not come equipped with a change in price, as Google Glass will still cost you $1500, even though you’ve been waiting since Google I/O 2012.

While the Glasses are now available to anyone with plenty of discretionary income, they are still technically in Beta. Google is expected to publicly launch the device later this year, thought no word yet on when the cost will be lowered to affordable.

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Look Birdy Will Help You Take Photos of Your Camera-Shy Baby

Babies are adorable, unpredictable, and unfortunately, un-trainable for photos. If you’ve ever tried to get one to look at the camera, you might have felt a little bit of frustration because you can’t capture their cuteness with enough eye-contact.

So, why not try Look Birdy? The $1.29 app uses bird songs to lure your small human into looking at your smartphone. It won’t help you with tricky feeding time unless your child gets ravenous at the sound of a bird, but you can certainly try.

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Internet Addiction and Drug Addiction Might Look the Same in the Brain

addicting gamesBrain scans can reveal your mind’s physical properties in observable ways, and the latest shows that an addiction to the internet might be as damaging to the brain as any drug addiction. The finding comes from Shanghai Mental Health Centre, where 17 adolescent brains were compared with 16 peers. The results shows damage to white matter: connective tissues responsible for connection brain regions for emotional processing, attention, decision, and cognitive controls. Read more

Standwith: An Everyday App for Social Altruism and Activism

standwithIf you find yourself asking loved ones and friends, “How Can I help?” during times of crisis – there will soon be an app for that. It’s from Yael Cohen, founder of Fuck Cancer, and it’s bound to inject a bit more productivity into your social helping hand when a Facebook message just won’t do.

Cohen’s foray into caregiving began when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Her experience brought about the non-profit charity, Fuck Cancer. Drawing from that experience, she is now launching a beta app for other caregivers to designate tasks and ask for assistance. The app is called Standwith. Read more

Snapchat Settles With FTC For Misleading Users With “Disappearing” Messages


The FTC is finally taking measures against Snapchat, the ephemeral messaging app that turned down a $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook. The allegations were filed last year by the Electronic Privacy Information Center and is part of a multi-national Global Privacy Enforcement Network.

Charges against Snapchat are very severe, including allegations the company gave misleading statements about the privacy features of the app: Consumers can, for example, use third-party apps to log into the Snapchat service, according to the complaint.  Because the service’s deletion feature only functions in the official Snapchat app, recipients can use these widely available third-party apps to view and save snaps indefinitely. Read more