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CES 2009

How TV Can be Web Savvy

webnewserCES_12.30.jpgOur friends from Revision3 are here at CES. We’ll catch up with them today at the NBC booth. The company, which specializes in Internet Television, will be bring Tekzilla Live (a product review show) and Hak5 Live (a show about network security and open source) to CES.

And later today, Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback, who was a part of the first Mediabistro Circus last year, will be leading a discussion about teaching the TV to be Internet savvy (now there’s a switch.)

CES Isn’t the Only Show in Town

So, in addition to CES, there’s this other conference going on in Las Vegas this week. In fact, CES is sharing some of the same space, the Sands/Venetian Expo Center, with the Adult Entertainment eXpo. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer brought it up last night at the start of his keynote. Ballmer joked that Bill Gates had messaged him to make sure went to CES, “not that other convention.”


Microsoft Takes Wraps off Windows 7 Beta

webnewserCES_12.30.jpgMicrosoft CEO Steve Ballmer, his first time at CES, gave the pre-opening night keynote at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Since we haven’t followed the intricacies of Microsoft (except when it was the MS in MSNBC) we’ll leave it to VentureBeat to give you the full story.

I did Tweet the event (on, of all devices, an Apple iPhone). The most recent tweets are up top:


• Ballmer on Trends: “screens and displays will be everywhere.” Communications will move seamlessly. Voice, video, and text.

• New for XBOX: 1 vs. 100 coming to Live Experience in March. Kodu, community platform, to launch. Where users create their own games.

• Best holiday ever for XBOX. Expecting “accelerated progress.” Zune social now has 2 million members. Two new titles in Halo series in ’09

• After Windows 7 demo there’s a musical interlude from Tripod. That makes Microsoft ultra-cool. Not easy to incorporate xbox in lyrics.

• Ballmer on Windows Mobile: 20 million windows mobile phones sold in the last year…As I Tweet this from my iPhone.

• Ballmer: Windows Live enhancements include deals with facebook and Dell.

• Ballmer announces Windows 7 beta to be made available worldwide on Friday.

• Ballmer: “At this time economically, the choice that offers the most sense is the PC. That’s why I am a PC.”

• Ballmer: Bringing together PC, TV & phone and the Internet “cloud” is the last step to connectivity. Windows is the way to get there.

• Ballmer: “It’s no longer about the desktop.” Computer, phone, and TV are part of a “Single, seamless ecosystem.”

• Ballmer: “so this is CES.” Talks about Gates’ “incredible work” across the globe. Jokes that he ignores Jerry Yang’s Facebook friend reqs

• A CES “rap” preceeds Steve Ballmer keynote in packed Palazzo ballroom at the Venetian. What recession?

WebNewser Covers CES 2009

webnewserCES_12.30.jpgVegas baby.

WebNewser (and TVNewser since we’re one in the same) is headed to the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The CES is the premiere destination for the design, development, and distribution of audio, video, wireless and landline communications in the $100 billion consumer electronics industry.

We’ll be testing new products that you’ll see on store shelves later this year; we’ll talk with insiders about how the recession is affecting the industry; and we’ll give you inside access to the decision-makers who help inform, entertain and enlighten us all through new technology.

We’ll cover tonight’s keynote from Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and tomorrow’s keynote from Sony’s Sir Howard Stringer as well as Disney-ABC president Anne Sweeney talking about how consumer electronics continue to change television as we know it — for those who watch it and those who work in it.

Look for reports here on WebNewser as well as on TVNewser.