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106% of Smartphone Industry’s Q1 Profit Came From Apple and Samsung

Making a profit from selling smartphones can be quite a challenge if you’re neither Samsung nor Apple. Those two companies managed to snag  106% of the smartphone profits in Q1 of this year while everyone else is practically bleeding money.

By the end of Q1, 2014, Apple managed to bring in 65% of the industry’s profits while Samsung came in at 41%. That means Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola, Sony, LG, and HTC are either losing money or barely breaking even. Nokia was the biggest loser with approximately -3% of profit.

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Android Malware Demands $300 Ransom for Viewing Pornography

united-states-ransomware-614x1024There’s a new malware in town, and it’s preying on Android porn viewers. If you’ve been to a porn site or malicious sites on your PC or Anroid device, this scenario will sound all too familiar:

As the user browses, an application that claims to be a video player used for premium access to pornography downloads automatically. Unlike the Windows-based Reveton that is delivered via zero-interaction exploits, Koler.A still requires the user to enable sideloading and manually install the application. Read more

‘Facebook’ is Leading the Top Free Android Apps List This Week

Facebook EngineersFacebook is still dominating the Google Play Store with a permanent home at the #1 position as the most popular free app. Don’t Tap on the White Tile is holding on to its #2 position along with the usual suspects – Pandora Internet Radio, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

Below, we’ve listed the top free Android apps of the week and two video demos of Cut the Rope and LED flashlight. The list links to Google Play’s research about the individual apps, including user reviews.

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Walker Sands Mobile Traffic Report: Android Gains 10 Points on Apple in Q1 2014

WS-mobile-traffic-Q1-2014The latest quarterly traffic report from PR specialists, Walker Sands,  shows the steady growth of Android traffic of the frequently mobile. Compared to Q4 of 2013, this year’s first quarter shows slower traffic growth than last year’s holiday peak, but it’s still promising for Android developers whose market share gained 10 points from Apple’s gradual decline.

Android lead smartphone traffic and continues to increase its share of Web traffic on tablets. The total number of Web visits from Android tablets is up 140 percent since the same time last year. However, iOS still leads in traffic coming from tablets, accounting for nearly three times as much as Android tablets. Read more

Selfy: A Chunky Remote Control for Your Phone’s Selfie Camera

Selfy is a $50 hardware case that comes with a shutter control for your smartphone. It’s big, chunky, and completely unnecessary. For users seeking a camera shutter, we suggest buying Shuttr - an Indiegogo product that uses Bluetooth technology to control your smartphone camera. It comes in four different shades and cost the same without the case.

Selfy is a better option if you don’t mind the bulkiness since the case helps you manage and store your extra device while traveling. Selfy also comes with a collection of products like tripods, car mounts, and bar mounts – so you can attach your phone to practically any surface.

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Shoe Insert Harnesses Footsteps to Charge Your Smartphone

SolePowerEvery step you take is an exertion of physical energy that’s absorbed into your shoes and then into the ground. This shoe insert form SolePower allows you to harness the energy from your steps to power your smartphones.

The insoles do not connect directly to your smartphone. There’s a waterproof battery pack that attaches to your laces so you’ll have to carry a bit of extra weight on each foot.

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