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Yosemite National Park Outlaws Drones

US-NationalParkService-ShadedLogo.svgDrones won’t be making a friend of nature at Yosemite National Park. The National Park Service issued a statement banning drones, or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). The Park Service claims the drones are a nuisance that disrupts the experience of being in the wilderness:

The park has experienced an increase in visitors using drones within park boundaries over the last few years. Drones have been witnessed filming climbers ascending climbing routes, filming views above tree-tops, and filming aerial footage of the park.

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Google Glass Costs $1500 But Glass Materials Cost Only $80

glassThere’s a lot going on between the ears of a Google Glass user – the internet, a camera, a speaker, a microphone, and even the dangers of theft or assault. That’s a lot for a small device to hold, but Google holds its developing eyewear in higher esteem. So much so, the markup of $80 worth of assembled material means users have to pay $1500.

The calculation was made by tech gear gurus at Teardown.com: Originally the Google Glass was only available to “Explorers” better known as developers. Finally Google offered a one day sale on April 15, 2014 allowing the general public to purchase the Glass for a whopping $1500.  At Teardown.com we managed to get our hands on one but it didn’t last long.  Read more

Music Video: Please Turn Your Phone 90 Degrees, or Else

Vertical videos are one of the most hated things on the internet, especially on YouTube. That’s why this music video from YouTube is a perfectly semi-violent threat that uses a lot of humor, but not a lot of mercy. She sings: If you don’t, I’ll break your knees.

Of course, this threatening video is just full of empty promises. No one will hurt you if you make a vertical video, but they will certainly write a song about it and sometimes, that’s quite  painful.

LeapBand Brings Digital Activity Tracking to Children

First Michele Obama was championing healthy lunches and active play cycles for kids, and now, the tech toy community wants to get involved by making a tyke-sized activity tracker: LeapBand.

The small bracelet from LeapFrog is hardly a financial investment at $39, and if your kid wants to know about why you’re wearing your bracelet and walking up and down all of the stairs when there are escalators – you can get this physical fitness tracking device for their smaller steps.

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Futuristic ‘Payphones’ Will Supply New York City With Free WiFi

nyc payphoneIn today’s smartphone environment, payphones are just not very useful – so New York has taken it upon itself to reinvent the nature of public communication kiosks. It’s a brilliant design and even users with a personal smartphone will receive benefits because it will offer free WiFi from approximately 10,000 locations throughout the city’s boroughs.

New York city Mayor, Bill de Blasio said, “This administration has committed to making New York City work better for every community, and this RFP for free outdoor Wi-Fi is a down payment on that promise.” He added, “For years, the question was, ‘What to do with payphones?’ and now we have an answer. By using a historic part of New York’s street fabric, we can significantly enhance public availability of increasingly-vital broadband access, invite new and innovative digital services, and increase revenue to the city—all at absolutely no cost to taxpayers.” Read more

Infographic: How Safe is That Public Wifi?

unsafe wifiToday’s infographic from Secure Data Recovery discusses the potential for dangers when using public wifi. We’ve all used it, but what are the chances of finding unwanted malware while being tracked by invisible lurkers?

It is estimated that the number of public wifi hotspots will reach 5.8 million by 2015. That’s 5.8 million opportunities to connect to the web, but you should also take caution when logging in to a new location. Most importantly, you can change your phone’s setting to not automatically connect to available wifi networks – doing so inadvertently allows hackers to access your phone when you are not even aware of the breach. Read on to look at the dangers of using public wifi.

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Sand-Art iPhone Case is a Mobile Glow in the Dark 80′s Themed Party

If there’s a thing that deserves nostalgic flashbacks, it’s is our phone and not Buzzfeed lists. Of course, the best kind of nostalgia comes in small packages for modern devices like this novel iPhone case: a glow in the dark traveling lava lamp. All you have to do is turn off the lights!

The best part about this silly $25 investment is its ability to glow – a fine task if you’re in the dark looking for your missing device. The case is only available in one icy blue shade, but it gives you a few seconds of analog entertainment when your battery is more dead than the 90′s.
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