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‘Mobile Phone Safety: Hazards of Cell Phone’ is Today’s Free eBook Download

phone safetyToday’s free eBook download is for a health-conscious smartphone user – Mobile Phone Safety: Hazards of Cell Phone & What You Could do to Protect Yourself. Arthor Madhuka Dama wants to warn you about radiation dangers. He lists some studies, but we think it’s best if you seek your own research. This eBook is only good if you are afraid of your own cellular phone since we know there are more probable ways to die while making a phone call: Read more

‘Piano Tiles’ Joins The Top Free Android Apps List This Week

piano tilesFacebook is still leading the top free list on Google Play, but we’ve got a new addictive app in the top ten list from Game Mob: Piano Tiles (formerly, Don’t Tap on the White Tile). It’s addictive – and we think you should not start playing it unless you are ready to go crazy while wasting a lot of time. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Below, we’ve listed the top free Android apps of the week as well as a video to Piano Tiles. The list links to Google Play’s research about the individual apps, including user reviews.

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Google Updates Glass to Stop Losing Your Phone Calls

glass googleGoogle Glass has been stealing phone calls from unsuspecting users, but the latest update from Google fixes Glass’s previous call-droppings.

According to the latest press release form Google, all calls will not be routed to your eyewear if it is not on your head. This was problematic before since Google did not specify when your eyewear was active so calls would be missed due to the default settings. Read more

Samsung Introduces a Swarovski Smartphone That’ll Be Worth Stealing

Smartphone theft is on the rise and there seems to be no end in sight given recent failure by the California legislature to pass a Kill-Switch law. The bill would have required all smartphone manufacturers to install disabling software onto mobile hardware to render them useless if stolen. Naturally, Samsung Korea thought the best solution was to introduce a phone studded in Swarovski crystals. At least that way, it’s worth more than the phone it’s garnishing.
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Video: Ad Parodies Google Glass Taking Over Family Dinner

Technology is always getting in the way  of family – if you don’t believe me, ask someone about when they bought television and no one wanted to eat at the dining table unless it also had a view of the TV. Now, everyone will usually pull out a smartphone to take a photo, check Facebook, tweet about their family members, and then watch a movie as they slowly dine.

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DIY PiPhone Uses Simple Raspberry as Simple Computing Powerhouse

This may not look like the sleekest smartphone or even a dumb phone, but it’s a phone you can build yourself. Developed by David Hunt, it’s a PiPhone you can’t buy! That’s definitely a good thing, since you can make it yourself.

HE has full isntructions on his blog, but we thought you might want to know some specs before heading out to snag a Raspberry Pi to call somebody:

It makes use an Adafruit touchscreen interface and a Sim900 GSM/GPRS module to make phone calls. It’s more of a proof of concept to see what could be done with a relatively small form factor with off-the-shelf (cheap) components.
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‘Piano Tiles’ Leads the Free iPhone App List This Week

piano tileThis week’s leading free iOS app is still Piano Tiles, formerly, Don’t Tap the White Tile form Developer Hu Wen Zeng . It’s a an addictive game, and if you are prone to OCD behaviors, trust me, do not download this app. Many users are already risking it, but here is what one had to say:

This game, words cannot even describe my distaste for this horrid game. Maybe the white tile glows red when you hit it, because satan is behind the creation of this time consuming, life ruining game. I have found myself not sleeping, fearing that as soon as I doze off, that annoying note will blare through my head like a police siren. 

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