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eBook News

‘Mobile Phone Safety: Hazards of Cell Phone’ is Today’s Free eBook Download

phone safetyToday’s free eBook download is for a health-conscious smartphone user – Mobile Phone Safety: Hazards of Cell Phone & What You Could do to Protect Yourself. Arthor Madhuka Dama wants to warn you about radiation dangers. He lists some studies, but we think it’s best if you seek your own research. This eBook is only good if you are afraid of your own cellular phone since we know there are more probable ways to die while making a phone call: Read more

‘An Orchard Invisible: A Natural History of Seeds’ is Today’s Free eBook Download

an orchard invisibleJonathan’s Silvertown’s History of Seeds is a beautiful medication on a rich history of seeds and their potential. We agree with Thoreau, who said, “I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.” If you love seeds or edible histories, check out this free download of An Orchard Invisible: A Natural History of Seeds.

The story of seeds, in a nutshell, is a tale of evolution. From the tiny sesame that we sprinkle on our bagels to the forty-five-pound double coconut borne by the coco de mer tree, seeds are a perpetual reminder of the complexity and diversity of life on earth. With An Orchard Invisible, Jonathan Silvertown presents the oft-ignored seed with the natural history it deserves, one nearly as varied and surprising as the earth’s flora itself. Read more

‘Conflict, Care, and Love: Transforming Your Relationship Patterns’ is Today’s Free eBook

conflict care loveToday’s free Kindle download is Conflict, Care, and Love: Transforming Your Relationship Patterns. It’s a self-help book for everyone since we’re all in various forms of relationships with our loved ones, friends, and co-workers. Author Jay Early uses a “a systematic approach to understanding personality that is oriented toward psychological healing and personal development.” Read more

‘Fairies & Fantasy (The Lands of Elohan)’ is Today’s Free eBook

fairies and fantasyFairies & Fantasy (The Lands of Elohan) is today’s free Kindle download – a Christian fantasy eBook with plenty of magic. Written by Felicia Mires, the novel is the first in the Land of Elohan series which begins with a ring of promise in the Land of Rin:

As a child, Emira Fairling is fascinated by her parents’ stories of elves, fairies, and all things magical.

Though she is forbidden from entering the forest alone, she longs to find a fairy ring. When she makes her way through the woods, she discovers a strange boy from another realm. According to Prince Riordan, all is not right in the land of Rin. He gives her his most prized possession, the king’s ring, and asks her to keep it for him.  Read more

California Senate Fails to Pass Mandatory Kill-Switch Law for Phones

Activation-LockA mandatory kill-switch law failed to pass the California Senate on Thursday, meaning phone makers will not be required to add anti-theft features on new smartphones this coming year. Short of 21 votes, Senate Bill 962 was amended to delay the kill-switch regulation until July of 2015.

Unfortunately, this means another win for telecommunication lobbyists who have long disapproved of installing additional features as stolen phones actually increase insurance premiums and sales for replacement units. Read more

Video: A Demonstration on How the Vatican is Digitizing its Sacred Texts


Digital access to the vatican’s vast collection of old manuscripts are slowly becoming more accessible thanks to a four year collaboration between the church and Japanese digital technology group, NTT Data. In the video below of the announcement, you can see some of that process. It’s pretty fascinating, especially if you like old, dusty pages, or if you’ve never seen the interior of the Vatican library, where the physical manuscripts actually live.

It’s not in English so we’ve also shared the translated texts of the transcript below, after the jump.

Read more

‘The Cornuta Curse’ is Today’s Free eBook

the cornuta curseToday’s free Kindle download, The Cornuta Curse, is a story about love with a twist of fate-fighting. From writer A. Scott, the narrative takes place on the historic bluffs of Cirque Terre, where Mara discovers that love, sometimes, requires us to break a spell, a curse, and a hard stone:

One in four men cheat. But what if their betrayal is inevitable? What if, the women are cursed? Cursed by a 500-year-old love lock. If you were the one in four, would you try to break the curse?

Mara doesn’t believe in curses. She believes in facts: the women in her family are the one in four just like 800 million other women in the world.  Read more

eBooks’ Interactive Features Are Not Always Helpful for Reading Comprehension

children app ebook comprehensionResearch from Heather Ruetschlin Schugar and Jordan T. Schugar of West Chester University are pointing to troublesome features of eBooks – mainly that they provide too much stimulation without enough reading compression.

While some books such as Miss Spider’s Tea Party, provide positive reinforcing stimulants, such as the sound of tea drinking- others, like Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Big Adventure,  simply distract children with gimmicky features of moving objects and disconnected sounds. Read more