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EU Court Rules in Favor of ‘Rights to be Forgotten’ in Google Search Engines

google appThe internet has a better memory than most, and if you’ve ever tried to erase anything online, you’ll soon find that it’s next to impossible. That’s why the ruling from the high court of the European Union will prove significant – it basically lays out the rights of users to have irrelevant, damaging data removed from search engines.

The 2010 case originated from Mario Costeja González, who filed a complaint against Google for references and links to outdated newspaper stories from 1998 when González had his home repossessed.

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‘Painting With Fire’ is Today’s Free eBook Download

painting with fireToday’s free eBook is Painting With Fire, a murder mystery novel by writer K.B. Jensen. The ‘who dunnit’  story starts with a mysterious dead body buried near Claudia Wilson’s apartment complex. In following the murder trail, she discovers her own fears and uncovers a budding subplot for romance:

Claudia Wilson never quite trusted her roommate, an artist named Tom. After finding a body buried in a snow bank outside her front door, her suspicions about his eccentric behavior only worsen. Unemployed and obsessed with the murder, she realizes how little she knows about the people who live around her, including Tom. Read more

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‘Life, Love, and Polar Bear Tattoo’ is Today’s Free eBook

life love polar bear tattoo

Today’s free eBook is Life, Love, and Polar Bear Tattoo - story about Candice’s struggle to find meaning in her marriage after the death of her in-laws. Written by Heather Wardell, the story follows Candice’s indecision as she reunites with her ex-lover who enters her work-life as a new client.

When Candice’s in-laws were killed eight months ago buying a huge faux polar bear rug for her Christmas present, she lost more than just two of her favorite people: she lost her husband Ian as well. After only two years of marriage, their guilt and pain have left them living together but apart, unable to really talk for fear of what they’ll say to each other. Read more

‘Worlds Apart Ruination’ is Today’s Free eBook Download

worlds apartToday’s free Kindle download is a young-adult dystopian fiction novel, Worlds Apart Ruination, from writer Amanda Thome. The story revolves around a teenage heroine, Vanessa, as she faces a test that could better her life, but she has to make the right leap:

One test stands between Vanessa and Central. One chance to make the leap across the walls to a better life. At seventeen, Central considers Vanessa an adult. Her labor role, marriage, and housing divisions will be dictated by her performance on the leap.  Read more

‘Autumn in the City of Angels’ is Today’s Free eBook Download

autumnAutumn in the City of Angels is Today’s free Kindle Download from writers, “Kirby Howell” - Jessica “Kirby” Alexander and Dana “Howell” Melton, who have been writing collaboratively since the year 2000 at the University of Alabama. City of Angels is their first book in The Autumn Series, which chronicles the ordeal of Autumn Winters, a young girl who discovers magic in the wake of apocalyptic mayhem:

What would you do if you lived through the apocalypse? The real fight to survive comes after everyone else is gone.  Read more

‘The Insider’s Annuity Guide’ is Today’s Free eBook Download

insider's annuity guideIf you’re interested in investing in annuities, today’s free download will be a good primer for all of your frequently asked questions –  The Insider’s Annuity Guide: When Buying an Annuity Makes Sense. The guide is written by John Hegstrom who boasts 25 years of life insurance and annuity expertise. When you download the book, be sure to visit his companion website and blog to find more details about annuities and investments.

If you are considering an annuity, this book could help you save a lot of money in the long run. The author is an industry expert and insider that knows how these products are designed, developed, priced and sold. Read more

‘​Whisper of Lightning’ is Today’s Free eBook Download

whisper of lightningWhisper of Lightning is today’s free Kindle download – a story about a belly dancer whose mother’s death leads to an adventure that’s out of this world. Written by Jessica Hemingway, the mysterious tale of magic and haunting takes place in her family home of old family relics:

When her mother dies in an accident, belly dancer Jaz Sinclair inherits the family home, a veritable museum of artifacts collected by her great-grandparents. Read more

Authors Already Using #AmazonCart to Promote Sales on Twitter

Amazon’s new shopping feature has descended upon Twitter, and we can’t help but notice the prevalence of authors sharing their books to followers on the very first day of #AmazonCart. If you haven’t heard, the new Amazon and Twitter collaboration allows anyone to add items to their Amazon’s cart simply with a tweet. All you have to do is:

1. Connect your Twitter account to Amazon

2. Reply with #AmazonCart to any tweet containing an Amazon product link

3. Finish shopping later – the item has been added to your Cart
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Yosemite National Park Outlaws Drones

US-NationalParkService-ShadedLogo.svgDrones won’t be making a friend of nature at Yosemite National Park. The National Park Service issued a statement banning drones, or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). The Park Service claims the drones are a nuisance that disrupts the experience of being in the wilderness:

The park has experienced an increase in visitors using drones within park boundaries over the last few years. Drones have been witnessed filming climbers ascending climbing routes, filming views above tree-tops, and filming aerial footage of the park.

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