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Roadshow Lets You Collect Favorite Web Videos For Later Playback


Internet is exploding with great web videos spanning comedy, music, news, sports and lectures. But, until now there was no easy way to collect your favorite videos, or play them back when there is no Internet connection. Roadshow, a new iPad app, lets you collect your favorite web videos for playback on your tablet anytime, anywhere, with or without internet connectivity.

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Dropp Combines Yelp Recommendations and FourSquare Check-Ins Into One App


Dropp, by Sense Lab, is an amazing new app at the Apple app store that lets users add location-based message and photos to a place to be read by friends and other users. Leaving a Dropp is very simple, all you have to do is open the app, use the map and leave a text/picture message at your current location. Its like leaving a message capsules at a particular place having no time boundaries.

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Apple Patent Suggests their Cloud Will be the Fluffiest of All


In a recent article on the status of the could music battle between Amazon, Google and Apple, I tendered my opinion that victory wouldn’t be based on chronological order, but on a litany of factors. I also touched on the fact that Apple has a storied history of entering the market later than competitors with a superior product and almost immediately leaving said competitors to fight for a very distant second place. Well I’m not one who revels in saying ‘I told you so’ (that’s an absolute lie, I love it) but a recently unearthed patent application strongly suggests that Apple’s cloud-based music service could be a game changer.

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TuneWiki Adds Some Social To Their Lyrics App

TuneWiki Android Home

TuneWiki understands that to survive in the highly competitive world of social media it’s essential to evolve. That’s why the free music app — already doing quite well for itself on Android-based devices — is looking to expand even further through its new update.

The initial gimmick behind TuneWiki was its ability to supply kareoke-style lyrics as a song plays, something that worked to enrich the usual listening experience. BlackBerry users heavily supported the app, turning it into one of the most prominent music downloads available on App World and providing plenty of incentive for the recent interface revamp and multi-platform service expansion.

TuneWiki isn’t dropping any of the features that made it such a hit; rather it’s looking to add additional perks that bolsters the existing experience. Alongside the announcement of a desktop TuneWiki Beta, listeners can now use the mobile app to access three sections (My Music, Discover and Connected) that provide new ways to interact with others through the app.

The new Discover section is, perhaps, the most exciting aspect of the overhaul. It offers users the ability to perform creepy/cool tasks like accessing the Song Map (a geographic view with pinpoints highlighting what global TuneWiki users are listening to), friending others and managing a list of Muses (users with similar tastes that can automatically recommend their favorite songs and artists). Connected adds streaming radio support (complete with lyrics) while My Music is simply the new name for the traditional, pre-update listening experience.

Want to learn more about TuneWiki or download the free app? Check out its official page or give it a download here (its also available through iTunes and BlackBerry App World).

New York Public Library Celebrates Centennial with Free App and Access to Catalogs


The 1939-1940 World’s Fair is the topic of the first issue of a digital collection that is being offered free on the iPad from the New York Public Library.  Biblion: The Boundless Library, an app that will feature access to stacks upon stacks of stories and collections kept within the iconic doors of the famed 5th Avenue locale, was launched this week as part of the library’s centennial celebration. Read more

Adobe Demoed High-end Unnamed Photoshop-like Product for the iPad


One of the frequent comments I’ve heard regarding Apple’s iPad since its launch in April 2010 is that it is a limited platform best suited for content comsumption and low-level consumer-grade requirements like dealing with email, viewing web pages, watching movies, and playing games. But a funny thing happened the year since it was released: The iPad became a device valued for its content creation capabilities too: Writing, playing music, drawing and photo editing as just a few examples. I’ve been using the (now) $1.99 Photogene to quickly edit photos and screenshots on my iPad. There are a number of very good photo editors and drawing apps for the iPad. But, if you’ve been waiting for Photoshop (not Photoshop Express) for your iPad, your wait may be nearing an end according to electronista

Adobe demos Photoshop for iPad with real layer support
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