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Testing New Evernote Web Interface on an iPad

Evernote’s iOS app for iPhone and iPad works fine. However, I was curious to see how their redesigned web interface worked on an iPad. So, I pointed Safari mobile at Evernote.com and took a look.

The Shiny New Evernote Web: Redesigned Interface, Expanded Note Sharing Options and More

If you try Evernote’s new web interface on a desktop browser, you’ll noticed that they use IFRAMEs to build their three column design with independent scrolling in each column. Unfortunately, Safari mobile on the iPad does not support IFRAME. So, you cannot scroll below the bottom of the display.

Evernote has a free iOS app that works with the iPad and iPad 2, however. So, this is mostly a point of interest for people like me who sometimes prefer using a web interface instead of leaving the browser view and starting an app on the iPad.

Compact Flash Adapter For The iPad

If you take a lot of digital pictures and would like to view those pictures on an iPad, you can buy the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. The kit includes two adapters that fit the iPad’s dock port, a Secure Digital Card adapter, and an USB adapter.

To read a SD card, you just plug it into the adapter and then plug it into the iPad’s dock port. The iPad recognizes the card and starts the Photos app, which you use to view the pictures and you can download them to the iPad. You use the USB adapter to plug a camera directly into iPad, which then starts Photos to display pictures or download them.

Most digital cameras today use SD cards, but some DLSR cameras use Compact Flash. A company called M.I.C. Store sells a CF Card Reader for the iPad. The reader supports cards up to 400X speeds, and it has a USB port to plug cameras into the iPad. The readers ships on April 25, but you can preorder it now for $29.90.

Apple's Enhanced for iPad 2 App List: 2 of 12 are Photo Booth Apps

Yesterday I discussed three apps that had been recently updated to support the iPad 2′s cameras: Evernote, Twitter, and WordPress.

App Developers Adding iPad 2 Camera Support: Evernote, Twitter, WordPress Apps Updated in Past Week

I noticed last night that Apple is promoting a few apps that are:

Enhanced for iPad 2

This list only features 12 apps. The updated Twitter and WordPress are not in this list. Here are the apps that are featured as Enhanced for iPad 2:

1. iMovie
2. GarageBand
3. Word Lens
4. Infininty Blade
5. IncrediBooth
6. Dead Space for iPad
7. Real Racing 2 HD
8. WebEx for iPad
9. Pocketbooth HD
10. Twittelator for iPad
11. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD
12. Evernote

I’m surprised that 2 of the 12 apps are photo booth apps that might be considered variants of Apple’s own Photo Booth app that ships with the iPad 2.

Time Warner TWCable TV iPad App Gets its Own Site: IWantMyTWCableTVApp.com

There’s one iPad app that I really want to try but cannot because its service is not available in my area of the U.S.: It is Time Warner’s new TWCable TV for iPad app.

Why TWCable TV for iPad Did Not Work for Me: Service Not Available in My Area. Also: iPad App Channel Lineup

After a somewhat shaky start with confusion about where service is available and then TWCable TV’s servers being overwhelmed, Time Warner is keeping the momentum going by creating a new site to provide more information about the app and its service.

Television Is Melting and I Want My TWCable TV App

You can find Time Warner’s site for the TWCable TV app at:


The app provides a frequently asked questions page (Behind the Scenes), a page to write comments about the app and service (Join the Discussion), and a page to read other people’s comments (What You’Re Saying).

App Developers Adding iPad 2 Camera Support: Evernote, Twitter, WordPress Apps Updated in Past Week

App developers are starting to provide support for the iPad 2′s cameras. Three apps I use received updates in the past week that included iPad 2 camera support.

1. Evernote 4.0.1: Ability to create snapshot notes using the iPad 2 cameras

2. Twitter 3.3.2: Photo and video capture support for the iPad 2

3. WordPress 2.7.1: Photo and video uploads now work on an iPad 2

I tested Evernote’s iPad 2 camera support by snapping a close-up photo of a pen’s tip, typing a short text note and synched it with Evernote’s server. You can see a screenshot segment to the left of the note as seen in a desktop web browser.

Although the iPad 2′s sub-megapixel cameras do not produce the high quality photos that the iPhone 4′s 5 megapixel rear-facing camera does, it still provides a valuable alternate input. Combined with the ease of typing text using the iPad’s large virtual keyboard, this is a valuable tool for many kinds of tasks.

iOS 4.3.1 Update for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch – File Sizes

Apple issued a surprisingly fast update for its recently released iOS 4.3. The 4.3.1 update provides a variety of fixes for a graphics problem (4th generation iPod touch), cellular network activiation bugs, display flicker when using the Digital AV Adatper wiith some TVs, and authenticating with some enterprise web services.

The update came in a variety of sizes depending on the device to be updated.

iPhone 4: 666 MB
iPad “1″: 593 MB
iPad 2: 620.8MB

I do not know what the update file sizes are for the iPhone 3GS or 4th generation iPod touch.

Apps Updated on my iPhone/iPad in the Past Week: 34

34 of the apps for my iPad & iPhone were updated in the past week. Apps that do not have comments in the list below indicates that the update is simply a bug fix release or an Apple iOS 4.x compatibility update with, perhaps, some bug fixes. Apps with an asterisk (*) preceding the app name indicates an app on my iPad.

* ABC Player 1.3.0002

* Amazon Mobile 1.4.0 Share links using email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter. Barcode scanning added.

* Atomic Web Browser 5.5.1

BigOven 2.2.1

A Book of Five Rings 4.1

Classical Guitar 1.1

Color 1.0.1 Deleting this completely. Will not track updates past 1.0.1

* Evernote 4.0.1 Create snapshot notes using iPad 2 cameras

Free Translator 1.4.2 Email translated text

Google Places 1.1 Hotpot support.

GV Mobile+ 2.0.031811 New UI. Push. Picture messaging. Multiple recipient texting.

* IMBb Movies & V 2.1 Watchlist. Improved showtimes listings

Instagram 1.5.2

Layar Reality Browser 4.0.2

Localscope 1.4

* MaxiVista 4.0.3

* News360 for iPad Story-view in landscape mode.

NYTImes 3.0.0 Deleting this completely. Will not track updates past 3.0.0. Expanded content including blogs. Breaking news alerts. New Favorites section.

Plants vs. Zombies 1.5.1 Game Center support

Point Inside Maps for Airports & Malls 2.5.4

Posterous 2.1.1

Price Check by Amazon 1.1.0 Barcode scanning for iPod touch w/camera

Shazam 4.0.0 Shazam Friends feature to see what your friends are tagging

Speedtest 1.4 Blu Trumpet ad network

Tripit 2.4

TuneWiki 0.4.1

* Twitter 3.3.2 Photo/video capture support for iPad 2

Waze – Social GPS Navigation New vocal directions for turns and highway exists. Automatic zoom based on driving speed

The Weather Channel 3.2.0

WeatherBug 1.6.0

Wikipanion 1.6.5f

* Wikipanion for iPad 1.6.5f

WIRED Magazine 1.6

* WordPress 2.7.1 Photo/video uploads from iPad 2.

Elizabeth Taylor Tribute Magazine for iPad by The Daily ($1.99)

My teenage daughter gave me a blank look when I mentioned to her that Elizabeth Taylor had passed away (Mar. 23, 2011). I then realized that I have raised a culturally deprived child. This is fixable, however. A quick check of Netflix reveals Cleopatra, Giant, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof are available for Instant Play. I must admit to not having seen many of Ms. Taylor’s movies myself. But, I think I may remedy this for myself this weekend too.

Those of you who have an iPad and $1.99 have another option to provide a bit of photographic, video and text information about Elizabeth Taylor for yourself or the unknowing younger generation. The firm that brought you “The Daily” iPad newspaper app produced a special edition app:

Elizabeth Taylor Tribute Magazine

The 15 people who took the time to provide a customer rating are all very happy with this app: All of them gave it a 5-star rating. The Daily says the app is the equivalent of a coffee table book (something else my daugther has probably not heard of).

Bing mobile Website Enhanced for HTML5 Enabled Mobile Devices (iOS & Android)

Video: The Bing for Mobile Browse Experience Gets Even Better

The Bing Team announced significant enhancements to the Bing mobile website.

The Bing for Mobile Browse Experience Gets Even Better

The m.bing.com uses HTML5 to provide a native-app like experience in a web page. The redesigned site adds:

- Transit Directions and Real-Time Transit
- Image Search
- Shopping Search
- App Search (for iPhone)
- Movies Search

I point my Nexus One’s Android OS 2.3 browser at Bing mobile and found the features worked well on it. Here’s a tip for using Bing mobile on your mobile device: The first thing you should do is set your default location to enable local searches.

Via Search Engine Land: Bing Mobile Updated: Improved HTML5 Features, App Search & More