The Huffington Post Chicago and will share content on their respective Windy City-centric sites, with HuffPost Chicago providing with news headlines and blog posts, while reciprocates with sports content including breaking news, opinion and sports calendars.

The HuffPost Chicago content will join local content from ESPN Radio 1000 and Chicago news, traffic and weather from ABC-owned TV station WLS on

And the fare will join content on topics from politics and local news to food and style on HuffPost Chicago.

“Politics, news and sports play a unique role in the identity of Chicago,” ESPN vice president of digital partnerships and sales development Marc Horine said in a release. “The combination of and the Huffington Post Chicago brings to Chicago the best news sources and most varied and passionate voices.”

Huffington Post Chicago editor Ben Goldberger added, “It’s a natural fit for HuffPost Chicago to team up with as they both offer the constant news updates, smart opinion and information that Chicagoans want online. We’re excited to bring ESPN’s mix of the best sports news, analysis and information to our sports-hungry readers.”