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CNN Breaks Larry King Story: ‘Here’s Larry’s Tweet’


Last night CNN host Larry King announced that he would be leaving his show this Fall. In an unusual move for such a big piece of news, the news was broken via Twitter, with King making the announcement directly to his followers, and linking back to a blog post on CNN.com.

What made it even stranger is that CNN’s flagship television network broke in to its Elena Kagan coverage a few minutes later to break the news about King’s departure… and it cited Twitter.

Host John King was discussing the Kagan confirmation hearings at 7:16 p.m. when the “Breaking News” graphic appeared on screen:

We’ll get back to our conversation on the Kagan nomination in just a moment. A bit of breaking news that is very, very important for those of us here at CNN. Larry King has just tweeted that he will end his nightly broadcast this fall. Larry’s been with CNN since 1985, 25 years. He’ll tell us more tonight at 9:00 eastern on “Larry King Live. Larry King has just tweeted he will end his nightly broadcast. A landmark of this network. Here’s Larry’s tweet. That’s the CNN statement tonight after Larry has made this – again, Larry King tweeting just a short time ago that he will end his program sometime this fall.

If you weren’t counting, that is four reference to Larry King’s tweet in the span of about 45 seconds. John King of course is quite familiar with Twitter himself. CNN’s 7 p.m. anchor broke the news about his program’s name “John King USA” via Twitter last year.

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