CNNEatocracy5at5.jpg hopes there’s a hefty appetite for its new blog, Eatocracy, which covers all courses of food news, from culture and trends to politics and economics.

Former AOL Food and Slashfood senior editor Kat Kinsman will run the kitchen at Eatocracy, with assistance from associate editor Sarah LeTrent and CNN’s stable of producers, correspondents, guest bloggers, and iReporters. features editor Cybil Wallace oversees the blog.

Daily features include: Box Lunch, lunch-hour blurbs of top stories; Lunch Out Loud, in which iReport users describe their midday meals; and Lick the Screen, featuring original photos of ingredients, food, and meals.

Weekly features include: Tuesday Night Cook-a-Long, in which editors share simple recipes and prepare them; Path to the Plate, a column that tracks food from growth to consumption; and Mom Was Wrong, debunking kitchen myths.

And ongoing features include: Eat Like a Local, which features local dishes, products, and institutions; Heirloom Eats, spotlighting hand-written recipes submitted by users; Master the Classics, offering tips and tricks on classic recipes; Stone Soup, a guide to inexpensive dining; and reference guide Eatcyclopedia. managing editor Meredith Artley said:

Like the perfect recipe, Eatocracy adds a new dimension and depth to Very few topics are as cultural, political, entertaining, scientific, and global as food. CNN and its users now have a vibrant, social gathering place for this coverage and conversation.

Kinsman added:

Through a combination of active engagement with users, our editors’ expertise, and connections to the farmers, chefs, and major players in the food world, and original lick-the-screen photography, we’ll create a real-time portrait of how the world eats. We want to create an Eatocracy, where everyone has a place at the table.