College Students Willing To Give Up Sex To Avoid Lugging Books

According to a new study from education software company Kno, American college students dislike lugging school books around so much that 73% of them are willing to give up sex in order to avoid having to carry books.

The survey, which was conducted by Kelton Research, found that 71% of college students want to go digital, through some kind of an app, be it on a tablet, netbook or smartphone.

Cost and convenience are the main drivers in the desire to go digital. According to the study,  24% of students carry 20 pounds or more of books on a typical day. In addition, 46% of college students have been prevented from studying because they forgot the specific book they needed; 20% have lost their books and 16% have been hindered due to missing pages in the book.

Interestingly, 87% of the college students surveyed said they have had to cut back on expenses like travel, entertainment and food, in order to pay for their textbooks.

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