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Crazy 3D Printed Toothbrush Cleans Your Teeth in 6 Seconds

Cleaning your teeth for a full three minutes can feel like an eternity – I usually make a few laps around my house to pass the time. Now, there’s another option for my forever hurried, yet hygienically minded mouth – a customized, 3D printed toothbrush that can clean my teeth in seconds with biting and grinding actions. It’s bizarre and amazing:

Traditional manual and electric toothbrushes clean only as well as your brushing technique and discipline is. And even with a good technique, By biting you brush according to the  ”Modified Bass“-technique. This cleans the gingival sulcus (the space underneath the gumline) especially well, while also cleaning all other surfaces perfectly. You simply bite and release quickly 10-15 times. This creates the little vibrating / jiggling upwards/downwards / slightly circling movements of the “Bass“-technique (while the bristles are placed in a 45 degree angle, which also automatically stops the biting movement softly). This cleaning-action along the gumline is also called “Sub-Gingival Bass Technique”, and is recommended by dental hygiene experts worldwide (but is really difficult to apply by hand).

To get one year’s worth of perfect teeth cleaning for $300, you’ll need to go to a dentist to get an impression of your teeth (not included in cost). The 3D file is then sent to Blizzident who then customizes a 3D brush to your exact mouth’s dimension and shape. No one else can use your brush! They also provide brush cleaning and refurbishment for $89. The process will most likely decrease in cost if it gains momentum.


Now if it can only floss or brush my tongue and gum…


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