CW Network Full Episode Streaming Video App Designed Only for the Small iPhone Display

NBC only provides streaming video clips which, while someone unsatisfying, provides a good way to sample programs like late night TV talk shows (Jimmy Fallon, for example) which fit well into the clip format. ABC Player provides streaming for full episodes. Both look and work well on the iPad. And then, there’s the CW network’s new free streaming video app. Like the ABC Player app, it provides streaming video for complete (recent) episodes of its shows. Unfortunately, the app goes downhill from there.

The CW Full Episodes (iTunes App Store)

So, what’s wrong with CW’s streaming video app?

1. It is designed solely for the iPhone. While it works on an iPad, it does not use the full screen for the user interface without using the iPad’s display doubling option. Fortunately, the streaming video looks reasonably good in 2x mode on an iPad.

2. Video is only viewable in one orientation. Fortunately, on an iPad the orientation is the one that allows for near vertical viewing when using Apple’s Smartcover.

3. Full episodes are only available for the 2011 period of the season.

Several people reported the app frequently crashes. However, I did not experience the problem.

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