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Mediabistro Course

Email Marketing

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FJAX (Flash + AJAX)

Jay and Steve McDonald use a tiny bit of Flash to parse their AJAX XML instead of relying on javascript.

“try to go to the Fjax site and point to the Flash. You can’t. It’s not visible anywhere. That’s completely different than how people are used to using Flash.” … not visible unless you have Flashblock installed.

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[dels]ajax, flash, fjax, web2.0, blog[/dels]

Digg Trends

On June 22 was realized one interesting project Digg Trends – they watching to get some interesting stats and information for further analyze. It is very interesting to see how things work at digg and maybe you can find what story should have to be successful at digg.

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Flash site of the month

Web Design 2.0 website is one of the best Flash sites I ever seen and I hope such websites will be more and more. This company is making web designs and other stuff and it was real pleasure to see portfolio of them because there are also many impressive works.

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Hidden Skype Emoticons, Smileys

Did you know that Skype have hidden emoticons? No! Below is a list of the all hidden emoticons that I know and use chatting with my friends.

How to use hidden emoticons? Actually it is pretty simple – you just need to enter the smiley code while chatting with your friends – for example type ‘(drunk)’ to display smiley who have had couple beers :)

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Web content to your mobile phone

If you need to have web content on your mobile phone than one of the best things to do is to start using Plusmo. This project offers to have personalized content on your mobile phone using channels what you can make your self or choose from very wide range of available channels on website.

Plusmo logo

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Need Google Redux?

Hello friends of Google!!! I now you all “like??? fresh and stylish Google design and I think that designers from Google are working very hard to give us such nice looking search engine.

But, if there are no ideas from Google, the place isn’t staying empty for very long. There are some people who are thinking that maybe the better way is to change something in Google design. One of the greatest Google redux is made by Andy Rutledge his portfolio you can see here. Hi is giving also wide review about what are the reasons why he made this Google redesign and what are the principles of every change he made.

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MajikWidget Beta

MajikWidget made an update on June 06 and now they offer their services in new quality. There is a lot of new features an updates starting from new logo and ending with code improvements.


Speaking about MajikWidget it is one of the best offers for bloggers to add some user features in their blogs. MajikWidget currently offers following three widgets: Star Ratings, Poll, and Links to New Browser Window.

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