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5 Places to Get Free Cute MySpace Layouts

MySpace layouts is very popular way how to express your personality online. You can of course make layouts by yourself but I recommend to use ready made free layouts. There are very much resources out there but I will try to list here only tho most qualitative sites with the best layouts.

Football MySpace layouts


MrDoe is really good MySpace layout resource and the category of Football layouts is amazing. Really good designed layouts and I think football fans will love them.

Movies MySpace layouts


Great place where to find different movie layouts – huge list of different popular movies which have their own MySpace layouts.

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Google Explores Mobile Network Options

Google continues to keep everyone guessing with regard to their mobile plans. CNET News just posted a detailed analysis of the company’s efforts to date. Essentially, Google is taking a multi-pronged approach to going mobile. It’s normally a smart move to keep your options open, but in this case, Google seems to be simultaneously partnering and competing with major cell phone carriers.

There are three possibilities in play. Google recently announced that they’re joining with Sprint to create a next-generation data network. At the same time, the company also announced plans to bid in the Federal Communications Commission’s upcoming 700MHz wireless spectrum auction, as CNET News reports. Furthermore, Google is “continuing with its plans to build free citywide WiFi networks in San Francisco and Mountain View, California,” which affects laptop users the most, but could potentially drive more folks to buy WiFi-equipped cellphones as well.

It’s a sorted state of affairs with a huge payoff, given Google’s extensive ad revenue model and the fact that it owns YouTube lock, stock, and barrel.

Google bets on mobile market [CNET News]

AT&T and eMusic Create Expensive Mobile Music Store

I just wrote a news piece and analysis of AT&T and eMusic’s new mobile music store for PC Magazine. To summarize, the new service lets AT&T get into the over-the-air download game where consumers can buy music directly from their phones. And it feature’s eMusic’s 2.7 million track catalog of independent artists, and none of the tracks have any form of digital rights management (DRM). They’re in pure MP3 format, which is a wonderful thing.

However, consumers have to subscribe to the service for $7.49 per month – that gives them five tracks per month to download – and then they can purchase additional packs of five songs as desired. That pricing scheme could doom the service to obscurity. In addition, the service doesn’t work with the AT&T/Apple iPhone, which uses an entirely different music format and online store.

It’s a shame, because eMusic is a great way to get independent music at low prices and without restrictive copy protection. For some reason, they weren’t able to carry that pricing over to AT&T’s mobile network. It essentially costs five times as much to buy tracks from eMusic from an AT&T phone than it does from a desktop or laptop PC. For more details, check out the link below.

AT&T, eMusic Launch Mobile Music Service [PC Magazine]

Apple Tops 3 Billion iTunes Downloads

iPodfamily.jpgIn just seven months, Apple’s iTunes Store sold another one billion songs, sending the third-largest music store in the US past the three billion mark.

Apple said today that the iTunes Store currently features a catalog of more than five million songs, 550 TV shows, and 500 movies. All of the songs can be played on any iPod or iPhone, whereas the TV shows and movies work with video-enabled iPods (5th generation or newer), the Apple TV, the iPhone, and any PC or Macintosh desktop or laptop computer.

Apple says iTunes sales top 3 billion songs [Reuters via the Washington Post]

Facebook Image, Mp3, Video Sharing Using DivShare Application

Facebook users are receiving more and more functionality to their favorite social networking site. Now everyone at Facebook can share different files like documents, music, video or images to their friends. DivShare, which is one of the leading players in file sharing market have released their application for Facebook. Unlimited storage space and option to upload files up to 200Mb – isn’t that great?

DivShare Application

DivShare comes together with media player and you can also play the shared media files directly in Facebook profile withoud downloading them. Of course you can also choose different sharing options – send file directly to your friend, add it to profile or to feed.

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MySpace Live Chat Widget

LiveChat2IM is a nice service that let’s you to embed an application directly into your MySpace profile or blog to chat with others using existing IM accounts. At the moment LiveChat2IM have support for several popular IM clients like MSN, YAHOO, GoogleTalk, Jabber and AIM.

Read more Adds Voice Ads takes a three-pronged approach to selling you tickets: either via the Web site (, via cell phone (, or via an old-fashioned phone call to 1-877-789-MOVIE. When you call the latter number, you’ll receive targeted audio ads – again, during the voice call – based on you and your location due to a fancy new third-party, ad-serving system that works with your cell phone.

The link is really aimed at advertisers, not consumers, so feel free to click if you want to read how they’re all high-fiving each other over this., Apptera To Serve Movie-Goers Ads By Mobile Phone [MediaPost]

Get More Dates With Your Cellphone just released a new cellphone version of their popular dating service, CNET News is reporting. Currently it’s available in the US, the UK, and Canada, with nine other countries following by the end of 2007.

Here’s the scoop: “The service provides subscribers with text messages to their phones when they have an e-mail from another subscriber and allows them to search for potential matches from their cell phones,” according to the story. “For an extra fee of about $5 per month, MatchMobile subscribers can receive and answer e-mails from suitors on their mobile phones.”

According to data from M:Metrics and provided by, about 3.6 million U.S. cell phones subscribers used a mobile dating service in May this year, an already surprisingly-large number. expands mobile online dating service [CNET News]

Google Readies Copyright Software for YouTube

youtube.jpgIt was bound to happen. Given the recent Viacom lawsuit and other hullabaloo surrounding YouTube and the proliferation of copyrighted videos, it was only a matter of time before Google began to work on a way to recognize and automatically eliminate illegal content.

According to the report, by September, “Google will have ‘up, running, and effective’ a new content-fingerprinting technology for YouTube that would resolve the entire copyright issue at the core of the Viacom copyright infringement lawsuit, attorney Philip Beck told the judge overseeing the case in New York on Friday.”

It’s mildly amusing that both parties are taking a kind of “I don’t know exactly what’s going on” approach. In the article, Viacom acknowledged that “it did not grasp–and had no feasible way of finding out–just how many of its copyrighted clips are stored within YouTube member’s private areas, which are not accessible to the general public.” Meanwhile, Google’s defense all along was that they have no way of knowing who uploads what at any given moment, but as soon as they’re notified about a particular copyrighted clip, they remove it. Expect the next problem to be that the new software doesn’t yet work for the iPhone, Helio handsets, and other devices capable of streaming YouTube videos.

Google Lawyer: Copyright Protection For YouTube Video Almost Ready [MediaPost]

AOL’s Makeover Working Out So Far

AIMsmiley.jpgSince no one cares about dial-up accounts and walled-garden AOL content anymore, it was time for a corporate rethink over at AOL.

Now it’s been a year since Time Warner revamped the venerable ISP to focus on online advertising. “Wall Street approves so far but wants more proof the turnaround is for real,” writes Paul R. La Monica, editor at large.

As the story points out, aside from buying behavioral targeting firm Tacoda, AOL bought mobile advertising firm Third Screen and German online ad serving company Adtech this year. That’s all on top of last year’s purchases of online video ad firms Truveo and Lightningcast and the 2004 purchase of

Check-up time for AOL []