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Vivendi Games Experiments With Ad-Supported Model

flyingtoaster.jpgMocoNews reports that Vivendi Games is trying an ad-supported model, putting ten free titles on Greystripe’s portal GameJump.

Available titles include After Dark Flying Toaster, Amy’s Hangman and a few Garfield games, according to the report. Typically, mobile games cost a fixed fee — usually in the neighborhood of $6.99 to $9.99 — though many can also be rented for $2.99 per month or thereabouts. So Vivendi’s approach marks a departure from the usual path.

Vivendi Games Mobile Tries Free [MocoNews]

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AMC 2007: Google Exec Advocates Searchable Content

“Search is a proxy for a brand’s vitality,” Google media platforms director Eileen Naughton asserted to a roomful of magazine executives at AMC yesterday in Boca Raton.

The magazine industry is trying to come to grips with all of the new digital media platforms that have come to prominence over the past ten years, and how to make their content available across different brands — everything from Facebook to Google to individual magazine and television show Web sites.

“One way to do this is through partnering, an approach advocated by many of AMC’s speakers versed in new media, with Naughton suggesting that magazine editors be ‘atomizing their content’ as much as possible to get it placed across a variety of different mediums – mobile, social networking sites, video sites and more. ‘Make sure search engines can find your stuff,’ she urged. ‘Don’t put it behind paid walls, don’t put it on lockdown. Tag your story archives, photos, video clips and make them freely available.’

For more, check out FishbowlNY’s detailed coverage of AMC 2007:

AMC 2007: ‘Don’t Put Content on Lockdown’ Google Exec Urges Mag Eds [FishbowlNY]

NBC Invests in SMS Advertising Firm 4INFO

4info.jpgEarlier today, Singlepoint announced a deal with NBC for mobile marketing. In a separate-yet-related announcement, according to Stockhouse, 4INFO will carry NBC’s mobile marketing campaigns on the SMS text side.

4INFO reports that NBC Universal has selected the company to be their preferred mobile publishing and advertising partner; simultaneously NBC has also taken a significant equity stake in the company.

How are the two related? “SinglePoint will handle programming and trafficking of campaigns while 4INFO will act as the ad network,” according to the Stockhouse report.

NBC Universal Expands Interests in Digital Media Platforms [Stockhouse]

NBC Launches Mobile Marketing Campaign

As companies continue to jockey for position in mobile advertising, consumers still express mixed feelings about mobile media. Still, everyone wants to be ready for the expected boom, with NBC being the latest example.

Singlepoint announced that NBC has selected the company to launch one of the biggest company-wide mobile marketing initiatives ever conducted by a media company, according to a new MediaPost report.

Under the terms of this deal, “SinglePoint will manage and execute multiple participation media campaigns such as mobile voting, sweepstakes, contests, breaking news text alerts, and the delivery of personalization content across NBC Universal properties,” the announcement said, “making this the single largest Interactive Television (iTV) deal of its kind in the mobile marketing space, according to SinglePoint.”

SinglePoint To Power NBC Mobile Marketing Push [MediaPost]

View MySpace Hidden Comments And Profiles Using FireFox

Hiding comments on MySpace is pretty popular thing currently and if you search the web you can find these scripts to hide them pretty easy. What mostly these lines of code does is hide comments using CSS which means that comments are just hidden not deleted or removed from page and that’s why it is pretty easy to unhide these comments using FireFox.

Unhide MySpace Comments

All you need to do is go to View -> Page Style -> No Style and here we go! You can now see all the hidden info of the MySpace page that use CSS to hide comments. Do you know any other methods? Share with us – post a comment!

And remember – use FireFox!

Yahoo Messenger Gets an Upgrade

Yahoo will release version 9.0 of its instant messaging software for Windows tonight. Among the updates a nifty embedded media option, higher transfer limits and expanded local markets.

Now users can share their favorite movies, audio, images and maps by embedding the content directly into a chat conversation by using the new “in-line media player. Also, playback of videos and Flickr photoshows can be synchronized with another friend – so you can watch things unfold simultaneously. At this time, the sync will only work with two chatters total.

Given this foray into new media with larger file sizes, Yahoo has upped the file transfer limit to 2GB per-file and will automatically scan files with Norton AntiVirus.

Users can also now send SMS messages to their friends’ cell phones with a desktop client. Also, calls can be sent from Yahoo Messenger to a mobile phone or landline as a voicemail.

Six new markets will be able to take advantage of localized features. Among them, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India (in Hindi), and Vietnam – bringing the total to 25 localized versions.

Yahoo is boasting nearly a 20% growth in the messenger space, while some sources have AOL/AIM as low as 2%.

These 9.0 upgrades clearly are trying to compensate for Yahoo’s lack of a social networking platform (especially with the recent announcement that Yahoo 360 is being phased out). With over 94 million people currently using Messanger, the seeds have already been planted to take on MySpace and Facebook. Will Yahoo finally get lucky?


MMetrics: Mobile Video Audience Reaches 8 Million

It’s still a trickle, but at least the number is growing. MediaPost reports that the mobile video audience in the U.S. has grown by more than one-third this year to eight million, according to a new study by mobile market research firm MMetrics.

“If operators and handset manufacturers or publishers are hoping to see a mobile video take off, this is good news,” said Mark Donovan, senior analyst at MMetrics, in the article, even if the audience “is still small compared to the Internet and TV.”

Once the carriers begin to price mobile TV properly, or more ad-supported, free channels appear, the audience could grow a lot more than this. Right now, it’s pretty complicated for the average person to sort through the various streamed and broadcast TV options available, most of which only work with certain specific handsets and add significantly to monthly plan costs.

Mobile Video Audience Grew To 8 Million: MMetrics [MediaPost]

EMI Expands Mobile Licensing

EMI has become the third major record label to license songs to social-networking site Imeem, according to a CNET News report, advancing the move toward ad-supported music another step.

How does Imeem compare to SpiralFrog, which we covered yesterday? “The difference between Imeem and SpiralFrog comes down to streaming,” CNET News reports. “SpiralFrog offers free downloads as long as customers are willing to sit through some ads. One of the sticking points that some record executives have about SpiralFrog is that they hesitate to attach the word ‘free’ around their music. With millions obtaining songs for free from illegal file sharing, music-industry honchos don’t want to perpetuate the perception that songs are valueless.

“Imeem, headquartered in San Francisco, is different in that it offers music but not to own. The service is meant to help people discover songs, and Imeem has supplied links to iTunes and Amazon in case users wish to buy a song.”

That’s all well and good, but it still sounds too complicated to us. Anytime DRM is involved, these schemes to taunt users with music they can’t actually own or copy to other devices, at least without technical procedures that are often riddled with errors, strikes us as little more than a footnote in the online music industry.

EMI steps up for ad-supported streaming music [CNET News]

Variety: NBC Wanted Cut of iPod Revenue

iPodfamily.jpgVariety delivers a bombshell: Remember the whole Apple iTunes-NBC fiasco, where NBC pulled out of selling their television shows on iTunes, and Apple summarily dumped them from the iTunes Store immediately instead of waiting until the end of the year?

It turns out that in addition to variable episode pricing, or perhaps in lieu of it, NBC CEO Jeff Zucker wanted a cut of Apple’s hardware sales.

“Apple sold millions of dollars worth of hardware off the back of our content, and made a lot of money,” Zucker said in the article. “They did not want to share in what they were making off the hardware or allow us to adjust pricing.”

Let’s stop and think about this for a minute. When Samsung sells a television, do they give a cut to NBC? What about Casio, when it sells a little 3-inch LCD television for $100? Zucker’s request took some serious you-know-what, is all we’re saying.

Zucker says Apple deal rotten [Variety]