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Check the Cell Phone, It’s Domino’s

If you order a pizza to snack on during the Big Game, make sure you keep your cell phone handy.

pizza box.jpgDomino’s is letting customers pre-order their pies online or with a mobile phone. And, if those same customers happen to live within delivery range of 3,400 participating Domino’s location, they can use the chain’s new Web-based “pizza tracker” to track the pizza’s status – is it in the oven, in the box or in the delivery car? – InformationWeek reports.

Although the service can be used any time, Domino’s is hyping it for game day, when, according to InformationWeek, the pizza chain expects to deliver more than 1.2 million pies.

The remaining Domino’s locations should have the tracking service up and running by the end of June, giving them plenty of time to prepare for the World Series.

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AT&T Mobile Users Plagued By Outages

The AP reports that some AT&T mobile Internet customers in parts of the US were faced with service outages on Wednesday.

According to the news service, smartphone users in the Midwest and Southeast were able to make phone calls, but couldn’t connect to the Internet or check e-mail. The same connection troubles also affected folks in those regions using broadband connection cards in their laptops.

Both AT&T’s 3G and Edge networks experienced the outages, which started very early this morning, the AP said, citing an AT&T spokesman.

Sony Adds Digital Short Stories To eBook Store

Faced with competition from’s Kindle e-book reader, and now its intended purchase of Audible, Sony has launched eStories for the Sony Reader.

With content downloadable from Sony’s own eBook Store and the Borders Online eBook Store, the electronics giant is making more than 1,000 short stories (with more to come) from leading American authors available for download. Stories that can now be downloaded for the Reader from such writers as Philip K. Dick, Orson Scott Card, R.L. Stine, Donald E. Westlake and many others, range in price from 99 cents to $1.99.

If you don’t have one of Sony’s portable e-book readers and just want a literature fix, you can still buy some stories and read them on a PC.

“The short story has a long standing place in American literature, but over the last several decades, the economics of distribution made it difficult for authors to make their short stories available outside of anthologies and certain literary magazines,” said Steve Haber, senior VP of Sony Electronics’ Digital Imaging and Audio Division.

Azingo Enters Mobile Linux Fray

AzingoHomescreen_210.jpgBecoming a part of the juggernaut that is Nokia couldn’t have come at a better time for Trolltech, which this week got a new competitor.

Newcomer Azingo, which used to be known as Celunite, is coming to market with a mobile Linux platform that it claims will be different than what’s already available from a host of other software firms.

According to InfoWorld, Azingo intends to provide handset makers with an end-to-end platform that offers everything from the Linux kernel, middleware and applications all the way through development tools and integration services. The apps include a variety of widgets, media players and productivity tools, InfoWorld reports.

Is OpenSocial Social at All?

OpenSocial Logo There was a lot of hype surrounding the launch of OpenSocial. Mike Arrington reported about a “select group of fifteen or so industry luminaries [who] attended a highly confidential meeting at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View to discuss the company’s upcoming plans to address the ‘Facebook issue.’” As the post unfolded it began to sound like a Hollywood movie, or at the least a television drama series. Google is planning to take on Facebook!

At the time that post was as attention grabbing as “Facebook gets shut down!” given the hype surrounding Facebook. Since then we have learned that OpenSocial may not really be that social after all. Not only is it not social but four months after it was announced it still isn’t ready for primetime. The social features of OpenSocial rely heavily on the support of the social networks that support the standard. As Marc Canter writes, “many–if not all–of the OpenSocial participants did not intend to open up their networks at all.” So then what is the point of OpenSocial?

OpenSocial is simply the expansion of the Google Gadget standard across platforms and was announced in such a way that social networks are beginning to support the standard. This is not to suggest that Google secretly wanted to simply expand Google Gadgets though. I’m sure they believed they could attempt to take on the Facebook platform. Until I see OpenSocial successfully implemented within a social network and embracing the social and profile components of a site (friends, gender, age, etc), I’m going to remain as skeptical as Marc Canter who states that in reality, OpenSocial appears to be “OpenGadgets.”

I think the only hope left for truly open and portable social networks is the DataPortability workgroup. Even that could soon end in failure. Do you think OpenSocial has a chance of succeeding? Is it going to be more then a Google gadget standard?

How to Make Your Own MySpace Layout

I’m sure you have cough yourself wondering how to create your unique layout for MySpace, so I will try to help you by providing few useful links so you can choose your favorite tool to release your ideas.

There are several reasons why people want to create unique layouts:

  • first of all, you can express yourself and really show your personality by creating your own layout.
  • there are pretty hard to find layouts today – hundreds of sites providing huge number of layouts – it is really hard to find layout you are searching for.

Here are some sites you can use to create your own unique layout. If you know some other profile editors let us know!


SnapLayout – this one is really cool and easy to use. It also offers ready made designs you can later customize.

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AETN Launches “Crisp” Mobile Sites

A&E Television Networks has turned to Crisp Wireless to produce and manage mobile Web sites for the A&E, History Channel and Bio TV networks. Features on all three mobile sites include:

-An overview of that evening’s primetime line-up
-Program descriptions and photos
-Fan polls and trivia games
-Downloadable wallpapers and ringtones

The History site also boasts a mobile version of the TV channel’s “This Day in History” feature that highlights past events in such areas as technology, sports, politics, military and entertainment. History buffs can even sign up on the mobile site to receive “This Day in History” SMS alerts.

On the mobile Bio site, fans can read biographies of their favorite celebs, politicians and other newsworthy people.

Google, Dell Planning To Take on iPhone?

Rumors abound about a potential alliance between Google and Dell that will result in the duo’s version on an iPhone killer. apple-iphone-1_31.GIF
MarketingWeek cites unnamed senior industry sources who said that the two plan to announce their intentions at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona next month.

Several months ago when it unveiled its mobile strategy, which includes the Open Handset Alliance and Android platform, Google denied that it was going to come out with own handset, something the media affectionately dubbed the Gphone.

Can Social Media Have a Singular Voice and Be Heard

Many critics of social media claim that it is the masses screaming to be heard, not in a good way. At its core that is a major problem for social media. Many of the blogs and news feeds that get the most traction aren’t always the most newsworthy or the most important.

I friend of mine asked me to check out a website that was trying to incite change through web 2.0/social media tools. The site,, is trying send a message to who ever the next President is that these are the the issues that he/she should try to solve on day one.

I am a huge advocate of non-profits using social media and web 2.0 as a tool for helping spread a message. I have written about it several times in the past and I will continue to follow non-profits in the hopes that they see social media as the catalyst it can be. The site is being backed by several non-profits, most notably the UN Foundation.

I have never been one to talk politics in public. I have my political views and I have always respected those of others. What I would like to hear a discussion on is if you think what ondayone is doing can be accomplished. Young voters, typically the early adopter crowd, have a history of failing to come out and vote. For some reason they have failed to show poll numbers that make them a target for winning politicians.

For ondayone to be a success it needs to link voters with activism. The site needs to use social tools to send a message to those on the campaign trial right now that these are the issues we are interested in seeing covered. I applaud ondayone for what they are trying to accomplish. I wish more non-profits would try to elicit change by using social media.

Take a look at the site, give it a once over, and let me know what you think. I am interested in hearing a discussion on if you think the tools that ondayone is using will make a difference. Lets not make this into a discussion of which issue has the most merit, there are plenty of political blogs for that, lets have an open discussion on the feasibility of their mission and if we think there are any other tools they could be using to get their message out.