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MacMod is Your First Mac-Only Social Learning Network

macmodIf you’re a Mac user, or even a fan of any Apple products, then you’d probably like the social learning network called MacMod. Aiming to become serve Mac users who are in need of a virtual place to socialize and learn from the experiences and knowledge of other Mac users, MacMod brings the power of social networking into the small and yet ever growing community of Mac and Apple product users. Read more

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The 2.0 Commander-in-Chief

Obama_12.31.jpgWaPo’s Jose Antonio Vargas writes about how the Obama administration is using the Web to help govern … with social networking a centerpiece:

[O]nline social networking is designed to foster a community. For that approach to be effective, can’t just push information out — it has to pull content in, too. And once it does so, the administration will have to decide whether, when and how to incorporate those voices into its decision-making process.

Says Google chief/Obama adviser Eric Schmidt, “This is a part of our Internet culture, and it’s an emerging part of our political culture — you, as a citizen, get to talk back to your government.”

One of the first sites set up by the Obama transition team was where you can watch YouTube videos of transition staffers, track transition meetings and post your own questions and comments.

Pres. Bush’s Internet director David Almacy tells Vargas, “Clinton was the first Web president. Bush is the first digital president, Obama is the first online social networking president.”

The New Year, Around the Globe


All day, is featuring live streaming video of New Year’s celebrations around the globe. From Seoul, South Korea, where the festivities include striking an ancient bronze bell 33 times, to a fireworks display at Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine, the ABC News website is counting down to 2009 in time zones around the world. The video streams from 5 minutes before the hour until 5 minutes after leading up to celebrations in the United States, including Times Square. Other featured countries include: Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Russia, Greece, Germany and England. has also launched an in-depth Year-in-Review section that includes the most popular videos, stories and slideshows from 2008, as well as a look back at the year’s hottest gadgets, scientific breakthroughs, celebrity stories and exclusive ABC News’ investigations.

Tracking User Conversations Across the Web attempts to take search engines to the next level of technology by tracking user conversations across the Internet. What? Well, the creators of this website realize that while much of web content comes from written sites and texts, the next generation is bringing web content in the form of Internet conversation: blogs and social media. Read more

Social Media Takes Center Stage in Gaza War

-Israel Consulate Twitter Account Screenshot-Israel is going for a more informative tactic with its coverage of the war its fighting against Hamas militants in Gaza, and its using social media as one of its main forms of increasing its transparency, reports Times Online. After receiving a great deal of flack from not doing so during the 2006 attack on Hezbollah strongholds in Southern Lebanon, Israel realized that the Internet too can be a powerful weapon.
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Top 10: TVNewser’s Most Viewed

With this blog just days old, we wanted to take a look at what piqued the interest of the TV news community, and the larger Web community. What were the most interesting stories affecting the industry in 2008?

Click here to see the top 10 stories, by page view, at in 2008. And also — see how the influence of the Web brought these stories to the forefront, thanks to sites like, and the power of some well-placed links.

The AP Is a Hit On YouTube

AP_12.31.bmpBeetTV’s Andy Plesser reveals the AP’s YouTube channel is a hit:

Since it began in March, it has over 12,000 clips up as of today. The AP is finding considerable traction. It is the second most subscribed to “Reporter” channel on YouTube. AP videos have been viewed 77 million times. The New York Times has over 8,000 clips up on its YouTube reporters channel. It ranks as 15th most subscribed. The Times clips have had 11 million views on YouTube.

More and more individual journalists are setting up YouTube channels including CBS’ Katie Couric, CNN’s Rick Sanchez, and The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof…with more surely to sign up in 2009.

SGN Settles Mob Wars Dispute

-SGN Logo-Mob Wars, one of the supposed million dollar a month applications, was at the center of a dispute between SGN and David Maestri. According to SGN, the application was developed when Maestri was working at Freewebs, the Silver Spring based internet company that gave birth to what is now called Social Gaming Network. As Dan Kaplan explained back in August,
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US Consumers Have Security Concerns using Mobile Banking

A new report by Javelin Strategy and Research indicates that, while popular overseas, less than 10% of US consumers use a mobile banking product, most over fears of a lack of security. The report entitle “2008 Mobile Banking Security Standards” found that 47% of those who did not sign up for a mobile banking product stated it was because of concerns of security, while 73% feared that hackers could access their mobile phones. Others worried that their transactions could be detected by others monitoring wireless communications (despite encryption), and others worried about what would happen if their phone were stolen.

The report suggested that, to assuage fears of consumers, banks should move beyond the standard user name and password, offer email alerts to consumers for significant transactions, and provide reimbursement guarantees in cases of fraud.

Both Visa and Mastercard are looking at the mobile space; Visa recently released an Android application that connects users to their accounts. Resolving trust issues with consumers is essential in solidifying adoption.