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Archives: April 2010

'Facebook for Feds' – U.S. Government to Launch Fedspace

eagle_flagIn an attempt to foster better communication between U.S. government agencies, the State Department plans to launch FedSpace this fall, a social networking portal for federal employees. While not the government’s first foray into social networking (Intellipedia, a top secret network, recently celebrated its fifth anniversary), it is expected to be its largest digital undertaking to date.
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iPad 3G: Setting Up Your Data Plan


The iPad 3G should arrive on pre-orderers doorsteps tomorrow, and TUAW got a screen shot of the data plan sign up screen. As you can see above, it works with typical Apple simplicity. You access the data plan sign up from the settings menu.

Here’s more from TUAW: “As you can see, you simply touch the Settings iPad app, tap on Cellular Data, enter your payment details, and boom! you’re presented with a Cellular Data Account page which shows you your Cellular Data Plan account number, the status of your plan (how many days you have remaining), the billing period, and the abilities to add data or change your current plan and also add an international data plan.”

Lucasarts' The Secret of Monkey Island Comes to Facebook

thesecretlogo Lucasarts’ classic The Secret of Monkey Island game has been released on Facebook, and marks the first point-and-click adventure to make the jump. This is a huge step forward for Facebook gaming and is undoubtedly a sign of things to come. Classic text-based and point-and-click adventures are a great match with the new generation of casual Facebook game players, and represent a slightly deeper experience for these new game players that are looking for something more.

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1-800-Recycling Takes a Hint From Failblog In New Video Campaign

Wedding Toast Fail Image

Wedding Toast FailIf imitation really is the best form of flattery then 1-800-Recycling has paid a huge compliment to Failblog with their new online video campaign. In the last couple of weeks the dynamic recycling and green living-focused website has launched three videos, all based on FAIL clips. The idea is that the people in these videos failed so badly at what they are trying to do that they won’t get a second chance, but with recycling we all have a second chance.
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Time Magazine's Social Influence Index Led By Obama, Gaga, Kutcher

influencelogo Time Magazine yesterday published their list of the most influential people in the world, and along with it published their new “Social Influence Index,” which measures appeal by analyzing Facebook and Twitter. The algorithm adds up followers on both Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter accounts and applies a basic formula to even the influence of each network. Leading the pack was President Barack Obama, followed by Lady Gaga, followed by Ashton Kutcher. Ashton Kutcher? This can’t be right.

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iPad 3G Is Here!


Today, you can go to an Apple store and pick up an iPad 3G. If you order online, you’ll have it by May 7th.

At last our patient friends who have waited this long month to experience the “magic” that is iPad can fulfill their tablet dreams. So who’s getting one? Let us know in the comments.

Upcoming Kindle Firmware Update 2.5 Adds Facebook, Twitter, Interface Enhancements


Around here were were wondering about yesterday’s revelation that Amazon is suddenly tracking and posting Kindle users most highlighted passages. It turns out, this is the beginning of the roll out for the next Kindle software update, which adds a bunch of new features, including Twitter and Facebook integration, a better PDF reading experience, and the ability to organize books into collections.

Here’s an excerpt from Amazon’s official post about the update (which ain’t easy to find–it lives on Amazon’s help boards): the new firmware will offer “Facebook & Twitter Posts: Share book passages with friends on Facebook and Twitter directly from your Kindle.”

Amazon also posted a smaller notice on the Kindle discussion boards.

The update will also bring much needed enhancements to the PDF reader, enabling panning and zooming–the current PDF reader is all but unusable. The roll out is scheduled for late may, but Amazon says “a limited group of Kindle users” will get the new firmware before then.

This is clearly the first step in Amazon’s effort to make the Kindle a more versatile device in order to compete with iPad and Nook, which also just got a firmware update. Note Amazon’s new Kindle slogan in the graphic above.

Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband Price Structure Announced


Verizon Wireless introduced a Prepaid Mobile Broadband service this week. Here’s how it is priced and structured (data and time limits):

$15 for one day with a 75MB limit
$30 for one week with a 250MB limit
$50 for one month with a 500MB limit

This seems extremely expensive with low data limits. These data limits only allow for light web browsing and email.

Verizon’s information packet includes a CD with software for Windows (2000,XP,Vista – Windows 7 is not listed) and Mac OS X (no versions mentioned).