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Evernote Updates Android App

Evernote has released an update to their Android app, and it should be available now. The update includes two new features and fixes a bug that has been plaguing Android users.

Evernote has improved the search bar to make it multifunctional. You can now use it to filter on tags, display notebooks, and run saved searches. As you type in the search bar matching saved searches, tags, and notebook names appear in a drop-down list that you can then tap, as shown in the image below.


Image courtesy of Evernote

Evernote now uses your phone’s native camera capabilities, so that you can take pictures from within Evernote using the full capability of your phone. A month ago Evernote released new versions of their Mac and Windows clients that exposed a bug in the Android client. When users tried accessing certain notes they got a java.lang.IllegalStateException error and where not able to open the note. In this release that but is fixed.

Evernote has not provided too many details about what will be coming in future versions, but they have committed to adding local storage to Android phones. Currently, to access any notes with the Android client the phone must be connected to the Internet, while the iPhone/iPad apps can retrieve notes that are stored on the phone. Local storage is a feature I am looking forward to on my Nexus One, and I also hope that Evernote will also quickly add support for Android 2.2′s in-app search.

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Skype Has Big Plans For Android Video Chat

Yesterday Todd wrote about Fring’s Android app that supports video chat on high end Android phones like the Sprint HTC EVO. One might wonder whether Skype, who is the dominant VoIP and video chat application for Windows and Macs, is going to get in on the video chat game. Turns out that Skype has big plans for mobile phones and plans to “set the bar on mobile video calling.”

Last month Verizon made a big announcement saying that they officially support Skype on their network for Android and Blackberry smart phones. Right now Skype is only available to Android users on Verizon wireless, but that exclusive arrangement will end some time later this year. In a post on the skattertech blog, Skype is quoted as saying that they will be releasing a direct to consumer app later this year, and presumably that app will support the EVO’s front facing camera.

B&N eReader Apps Still Don't Sync With Nook

Yesterday Barnes and Noble released their eReader app for the iPad, which is one app that I have been looking forward to on my iPad. As you may know, I am big fan of the Barnes and Noble nook, and I have been looking forward to being able to have my reading progress synchronize across all of the devices on which I have my books. When Barnes and Noble announced the nook they promised to provide this synchronization, which is similar to what Kindle owners currently enjoy between the Kindle and the various Kindle apps.

Unfortunately, synchronization is only available between the iPad app and the Windows version of the B&N eReader application. I am surprised that Barnes and Noble did not provide synchronization between its flagship eReader device and the iPad application, and even more surprising is that synchronization is not supported between the iPad app and the iPhone app. For their part, Barnes and Noble says that the functionality is coming, it is just going to take a little longer, and I for one think it cannot get here fast enough.

Slingplayer Mobile For Android Is Getting Closer

The Android Community web site has posted a nice sign that the Slingplayer Mobile Android app is getting closer to being released. They managed to get a hold of a copy of the beta to test on a Nexus One, and found that it played well on Wi-Fi though it had a few issues on 3G. Slingplayer works with the Slingbox appliance that captures your cable or satellite TV signal in your home and makes it available on the Internet. There are two versions, the Slingbox Pro-HD that can capture HD TV, and the Slingbox Solo, and the Slingplayer applications log in to the Slingbox to play TV. Windows and Mac versions of Slingplayer come with the Slingbox so that you can access it from notebook computers, and mobile versions of Slingplayer are for sale for Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian phones and the iPhone.

Weekend Reading: iPad International, eBook Explosion, and Shanda Stats

We are headed out for a long weekend, but here are some eBook headlines to keep you busy over the three-day holiday.

The Apple iPad launched internationally and four major UK publishers struck deals for iBookstore.

eBook sales jumped more than 184 percent in March.

Kindle users eagerly awaited a software update.

In the video embedded above, the CEO of the online reading site Shanda Literature counted 43 million registered users in a presentation.

Garrison Keillor worried that ‘publishing is about to slide into the sea.’

Despite a BEA workshop, Google’s eBook cloud is still cloudy.

Marvel executive said that on the company’s iPad app, “digital books are actually leading to physical purchases.”

Amazon and Penguin struck an eBook truce.

The Book Industry Study Group predicted ‘exponential growth’ in eBooks.

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7 Amazing Hamster Videos To Make Your Day

Mocha The Hamster

Mocha The HamsterHamsters have had a long and solid relationship with the Internet, beginning with the infamous 1997 Hamster Dance Flash video and continuing through the present day. There are millions of YouTube hamster views and that’s no surprise. After all, hamsters are so small and cute and furry. Who wouldn’t love ‘em? This week a couple of new ads came out, starring hamsters, so we were inspired to put together a collection of some of our favorite hamster clips. Enjoy!
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This Week In Social Games – May 28th, 2010

This week we saw Yahoo! and Zynga partner up to distribute social games across the Yahoo! network, American Idol announce their own Facebook game, EA Sports and Playfish launch FIFA Superstars just in time for the World Cup, Nexon (makers of Maplestory) revenues rise to over $500 million and more. We also wrote an examination of in-game advertising and looked at some of the best social features in today’s social games. Read more after the jump!

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Japan-based Ateam Launches Puzzle Popping Game Called Pubbles On Facebook

ateamAteam Inc. of Nagoya, Japan recently announced their venture into Facebook with a title called Pubbles, a jewel-matching game that’s seemingly derived from PopCap’s Bejeweled look. The feedback and presentation are decent and there are even actual rewards to be won through raffle tickets. The publisher is focusing on funneling users towards a downloadable PC version (far superior in aesthetic value) that costs $10. The pervasiveness of Asian developers releasing titles on Facebook is increasing as the gaming companies venture to find new audiences and liberal revenue sharing policies on Facebook compared to the Asian social networks.

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How to Self Publish in Apple’s iBookstore for the iPad


With a US Tax ID, an iTunes Store account, and a credit card, writers can now self publish in the Apple iBookstore–a development that arrived on the heels of the international iPad.

Complete directions for selling eBooks in the iBookstore are located here, but we broke down some of the main requirements in this post.

Formatting-wise, the book must be an ePub file and meet the standards of epubcheck–read more about the test here. Like more traditional publishing offerings, all self published eBooks must have an ISBN in the iBookstore.

In order to upload, you must meet these technical requirements as well: “An Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.5 or later; At least 1 GB RAM; QuickTime 7.0.3 or later. This is so you can encode and deliver content using our dedicated software; At least 10 GB of available hard drive space (more for larger catalogs) is recommended; A broadband internet connection with an upload rate of 128 kbps or faster is recommended.” (Link via TeleRead; diamond iPad via)

Wattpad Upgrades Apple iPad App

As the international edition of the iPad sweeps through Europe, the writing community at Wattpad has released an updated app–bringing more social networking features for mobile readers on iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

CEO Allen Lau explained: “Wattpad has become the destination for readers to not only find stories but interact and post comments with other members, we wanted to provide better access to the broad social networking features available on Wattpad’s main site.” The video embedded above explores the new features.

Here’s more about multimedia content, from the release: “Writers on Wattpad continue to add to their stories by posting You Tube videos, image slideshows and songs; creating unique, multi-media ebooks. The latest version of the Wattpad iPhone/iPad application allows readers to experience these integrated add-ons from their mobile devices, enhancing their reading experience.”