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Archives: June 2010

VTech Releases eReader For Kids

There are a lot of new eReaders coming out these days, but VTech has a new one designed especially for kids. This week the company released the VReader, a $60 eReader device aimed at kids aged 3 to 7.

The toy has an animated screen with a QWERY keyboard and is interactive to help phonics and vocabulary lessons. The book comes preloaded with one title and each additional title is $20.

The New York Times was underwhelmed, “Unfortunately, the overall experience isn’t nearly responsive enough to keep up with a child’s active imagination, at least with the two books I tried, Shrek’s Vacation and What’s That Noise. Each was presented with sluggish page turns and choppy animation, and the activities are packed with instructions.”

10 Tips For Maximizing Your Discoverability On YouTube

YouTube Discoverability

YouTube DiscoverabilityIn the world of YouTube it’s all about being discovered. You want people to find and watch the videos that you are posting, but how do you make yourself and your videos more discoverable? YouTube recently added a section to their Partner Communications Hub with tips for discoverability on the site. We’ve compiled a list of 10 tips for maximizing your discoverability made up of YouTube’s partner presentation, as well as some of our own. Read more after the jump and get ready to be discovered!
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Cali Lewis Brings GeekBeat.TV to Revision3

The newest offering from Revision3, GeekBeat.TV, features tech expert Cali Lewis discussing the newest trends and developments in gadgets, technology, and “all things Web.”

Lewis first gained attention with similar video offering GeekBrief.TV, and she has also appeared on MSNBC, ABC, NBC, Fox, and G4 Canada. The first episode of GeekBeat.TV featured a robot lifeguard named EMILY, the Toshiba Liberto W100 dual-touch-screen notebook, the distribution of the Galaxy S to carriers, and the Pet AT-AT.

Revision3 vice president of programming and production Ryan Vance said:

We’ve all been fans of Cali’s for quite some time, and bringing her new show to Revision3 was just a natural fit and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Cali’s audience is an extremely loyal and engaged one, and we’re excited to bring this show to our viewers, as well.

And Lewis added:

I love Revision3, and to be able to join their list of talent is amazing. To share my passion for what’s hot in tech and gadgets on Revision3 is awesome.

Kimberly Reeves: Digital Writer Spotlight

webooklogo.pngAuthor Kimberly Reeves won support at one community writing site, earning readers’ trust chapter by chapter. Follow this link to read more of her work at the online writing site, WEbook.

WEBook president Ardy Khazaei praised her work: “Reeves has been remarkably prolific and successful on WEbook since joining in December 2009. The first page of her complete novel, Innocence and Arrogance, was one of the three highest rated submissions to PageToFame (our unique, reader-driven, book selection process) . Kimberly is also a ‘Top Writer’ in the WEbook community, having uploaded 32 projects and received over 2,500 comments on her work. We’re very excited to see talented writers like Kimberly getting the recognition that they deserve from readers and other writers on WEbook.”

Welcome to eBookNewser’s feature, Digital Writer Spotlight. We’ve launched this feature to recognize the established and emerging voices within online communities. On a regular basis, we will feature hand-picked reading recommendations from community leaders at writing sites–introducing readers to the world of socially networked fiction. If you want to nominate a writing community, email eBookNewser with your recommendation.

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The New York Times’ The Local to Send New Jersey Traffic to Baristanet

BaristanetLogo.jpgThe Local‘s loss is Baristanet‘s gain, as the media company will begin covering the New Jersey communities of Maplewood, Millburn, and South Orange, which are being vacated by The New York Times‘ hyperlocal news initiative, with The Local directing its users to Baristanet.

Baristanet had already been serving fellow New Jersey communities Montclair, Glen Ridge, and Bloomfield since 2004, and the addition of Maplewood, Millburn, and South Orange will bring its total coverage area to some 150,000 people. The company is run by former Times New Jersey columnist Debbie Galant and former New York Daily News city editor Liz George.

The Local will forge on in Brooklyn and Manhattan’s East Village.

From The Local’s “farewell” post:

More than a year-and-a-half ago, The New York Times set out on an experiment in hyperlocal and collaborative journalism. We devoted two full-time reporters to the effort, as well as an editor and a number of support and advisory staff journalists. And we picked two fascinating and vibrant communities to launch our little enterprise.

From the beginning, we described this as a pilot, a test, an experiment, because we knew that our path in community journalism couldn’t be paved with sites staffed by full-time New York Times journalists. Nevertheless, we were committed to pursuing the journalistic lessons to be found in Web-based community coverage, and made this an editorial priority.

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Top 10 Vuvuzela Videos To Help You Celebrate The World Cup On YouTube


VuvuzelasThe Vuvuzela, the traditional South African football cheering horn and producer of possibly the most annoying sound in the world, is taking YouTube by storm. Not only was the video site inspired to add a Vuvuzela button to it’s video player, droning out the video sound, but the site’s charts are also filling up with popular Vuvuzela clips. We’ve compiled the top 10 Vuvuzela clips here for your viewing pleasure, so grab your earplugs and get ready to experience the World Cup, Vuvuzela style!
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Meebo Gives Teen Girls yet Another way to Socialize by Partnering with Seventeen.com

meeboAs if they needed another excuse to tweet and text their favorite summer dresses or latest celebrity sightings, teen girls can now socialize on the website of the popular Seventeen Magazine. Meebo and Seventeen.com have announced a partnership to provide social functionality for visitors to Seventeen.com, a website aimed primarily at teen girls.

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EBookNewsers Respond To Sony Library Program

LibraryFinder_v3_lg.jpgSony’s new eReader Library program which trains librarians how to use eReaders, has sparked debate from eBookNewser readers.

While the move seems to be a promotional way for Sony to sell devices to libraries and for librarians to get a little extra training in eBooks, some eBookNewer commenters questioned why librarians should get this special training. Wmartin46 wrote, “You and I get an e-Reader in a box, with a few instructions, and we’re up and running in an hour or so .. but a ‘librarian’ needs ‘special training.’ Why? What makes it so hard for them to not be ‘just like the rest of us’?”

PublicLibrarian defended the librarians training needs, highlighting that, “Our collection of ebooks is relatively new, and we have had many who aren’t certain how to use it. Training in how to access the ebooks, how to use the devices, and how to ‘check out’ the books and do the transfer would be useful indeed.”

And commenter Abbey pointed out that, “The patrons they serve expect exemplary service and knowledgeable staff…Seeking formalized training does not put anyone on a pedestal. If anything, it shows that they care enough to do a competent job.”

SDS 2010: How Peter Warden Almost Got Sued By Facebook [Video]


Pete Warden is a good natured developer that is ultimately fascinated by data visualization and data openness, and it was this curiosity that got him into hot water with Facebook.  A few years ago, he got interested in creating a service that tied your mail account to your Facebook account, so users could skip the oft-used step of searching a user’s name on Google to find their Facebook account.  Since the data was public, he thought it shouldn’t be a problem, and eventually scanned hundreds of millions account into his MailAna service.  Watch the video below and hear what happened!

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If You're an Avid Internet User You may be More Cultured Than You Think

arts and technologyThe National Endowment for the Arts has released a report on technology and the arts with findings indicating that internet users might be more – not less, as some have opined – cultured than others. Audience 2.0: How Technology Influences Arts Participation looks at how new media use affects adults’ interaction with “high culture” like jazz performances and art galleries. Those who use new media like the internet, handheld devices and T.V. to participate in the arts are, according to the report, more likely to attend live arts events, and a greater variety of events at that.
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