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Archives: March 2011

HP Adds Support for Google Cloud Print to its Printers

Do you remember the dark ages when printing a file required actually plugging a printer into your computer with an actual cable? Those days just receded a little further into the past.

HP announced today that its line of ePrint printers would now work with Google Cloud Print. You can now print a document from any where in the world to any ePrint machine. You’ll need to setup the printer with a Google account first, and right now Google Cloud Print only works from certain mobile Google apps (Gmail, Google Docs, etc). but even so this is a big  improvement in usability.

You can also set up Google Cloud Print with other printers, but it will require an attached computer running Chrome browser.

via HP

College Students 5 Times More Likely to Read on a PC Than an eReader

Queens College ran an eBook survey last year as part of its annual Student Technology Survey, which covered how students’ interact with technology.  Around 1700 students participated, and out of that number 398 have used eBooks. The number of responses represent about 8% of Queens College student body.

The survey found that 63 students had used an eReader, and another 335 have used eBooks without an eReader. The survey then goes on to ask about which eReaders students owned and 46% reported owning a Kindle, with the Nook coming in second place.

Putting that data into perspective shows that while 82% of students own a laptop, only 3.3% own an eReader.  On the other hand, eReader adoption might be low, but eBooks are clearly gaining popularity faster. Nearly a quarter of respondents use eBooks.

One other interesting bit of data was the 42 respondents who didn’t know what an eBook was. This number is remarkable because it is so low; similar surveys of consumers in France and Germany showed a significantly larger percentage of respondents who knew nothing about eBooks.

via ALA

image by ozvoldjj

New Hacked Firmware for the NookColor

Here’s some good news for those of you who have taken the trouble to hack your NookColor.

The latest version of the CyanogenMod open source Android firmware now includes improved support for the NookColor. The latest build has a number of bug fixes and it also has an improved video playing ability.

The firmware is available now on the CyanogenMod website, but it’s a nightly build, not a stable release. Only download this if you are willing to accept that it will have bugs. Also, if you download it you could break your NookColor and you will most certainly void the warranty.

Caveat Emptor.

Fnacbook Android App Now Out

The French retailer Fnac has just released a reading app for Android gadgets. It’s Fnac’s second reading app following an iOS app back in December (iTunes).

The Fnacbook app supports buying and reading eBooks from Fnac eBookstore over 3G or Wifi, where you can choose from among 80 thousand titles. All eBooks purchased through this app can of course be loaded on to the iOS app and on to the Fnacbook eReader.

In related news, Fnac also recently released a firmware update the Fnacbook eReader (download it here). This eReader is based on the new 6″ Sipix screen, and it has Wifi, a SD card slot, 2GB Flash, a capacitive touchscreen, web browser, and it supports Adobe DE DRM.

via Android Market

Google’s Creative Director Heads to Facebook


Ji Lee, the Creative Director for Google Creative Lab confirmed this morning on Twitter he is indeed moving on to be Facebook’s very first creative director.  What’s interesting about this move is that it confirms both the talent leakage of Google but also Facebook’s long term build out of the strategic departments.

Interestingly enough Lee tweeted back to Matt Monahan, of Epic Social, who was quoted earlier this week for online influence with INC Magazine. See Why Social Influence Matters to Business by Lou Dubois.

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Socialize Keynote: 7 Actions That Brands Should Take To Monetize Social Media


Mitch Joel of Twisted Image presented his take at the end of this morning’s insightful keynote at Socialize: Monetizing Social Media.

Joel told the tale of the new consumer, who is connected and, as a result, has access to a tremendous amount of information. Social media marketing is not about brands having conversations with consumers; it’s about brands publishing sharable and findable content that serves as catalysts for consumer conversations.

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